:: Inktober 30 Found Theme ::

And so it is that life begins.

A step into the crazy maze of life.
First a left and then a right,
We find ourselves at a dead end.
Back track our steps and begin again.
Twists and turns constantly taking our path,
Round and round in circles we go, 
Trying to find the right way.
Some spend their whole lives in the maze,
Some make it out.
I’m still fighting to find the right way in 
This maze of life.
— By Aly Bambi



Paper: Sketchbook #21 Handbook field watercolour journal 6″x6″
Ink: Dr.Ph.Martin’s Black Matte
Watercolours: DS Q. Gold
Location: Rigaud from my imagination
#inktober2017, #inktober,  30 found theme

One thought on “:: Inktober 30 Found Theme ::

  1. Jane: This sketch of yours is truly exceptional – just the amount of work involved is unbelievable. Where do you get the patience? MOM >

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