Here is a list for my students or anyone that would like to start to draw or painting on a regular basis. If you live in the province of Quebec, Canada there are a few stores that you can buy online or go at the store directly. This is a minimal list, but here goes…

Stores in Quebec

• Avenue des arts in Westmount, Montreal
• Galerie d’art in Pointe-Claire Plaza
• Omer de Serres

Good online store is: LINK based in Toronto

Paper for watercolours

I would start with buying one good quality sketchbook for watercolours such as:
• Travelogue Sketchbooks LINK — I really like the Travel Series Sketchbooks
• Stillman & Birn sketchbooks, LINK — I really like the Zeta Series

Papers for drawing in ink

For me the most gorgeous paper for drawing in ink is:
• Moleskine Sketchbook
• Stillman & Birn sketchbooks

Watercolours Tubes

My two favourite watercolour companies are Winsor & Newton and Daniel Smith.
I would start with 3 primary colours: red + yellow + blue

Daniel Smith LINK
Winsor & Newton LINK

Watercolour Brushes

This is the hardest one to recommend as there is a vast range of quality out there. The best place in Montreal to buy these would be at Avenue des Arts in Westmount as they have a good selection to choose from. Some recommendations that are not too expensive…:

• DaVinci Casaneo brushes are good, made in Germany LINK
• If you want to treat yourself, or ask for a nice present, here is the one. From Rosemary’s & Co. in Manchester, Britain LINK