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Here is a list of books that I have in my home… if ever you would like me to send you a review on one of these, I will gladly do it… This is not my complete library as this represents only the books that are in my living room… I have quite a few elsewhere in the house -)

Artists’ Philosophy
The Art Spirit by Robert Henri
Calligraphie by Claude Mediavilla

Drawing from Observation by Brian Curtis
Keys to Drawing by Dodson
The Natural Way to Draw by Nicolaides
Fast Sketching Techniques by Rankin
The Technical Pen by Simmons

History of Painting
The Story of Painting by Sister Wendy Beckett (book & dvd)

John Ruskin Artist & Observer
John Singer Sargent Venetian Figures and Landscapes by PM Yale
The Watercolors of John Singer Sargent by Little
Andrew Wyeth by Bulfinch

Urban Sketching
Sketching on Location by Brehm
The art of Urban Sketching by Gabriel Campanaro
Freehand Drawing & Discovery by James Richards
An Illustrated Life by Danny Gregory
One Drawing a Day by Veronica Lawlor

Watercolour Painting
The Simple Secret to Better Painting by Albert
Artful Watercolor by Bonamarte & Janik
Artists’ Manual by Chronicle Books
Making Color Sing by Jeanne Dobie
Charles Reid’s Watercolor Secrets by Charles Reid
Charles Reid’s Watercolor Solution by Charles Reid
The Technique of Watercolour Painting by Richmond and Littlejohns
Paint Watercolors that Dance with Light by Kincaid
The Essence of Watercolor by Sloan
Water-Color Painting is Fun by Frank A. Staples
The Complete Guide to Watercolor Painting by Whitney

Watercolour Websites: 
• Jane Blundell :: http://www.blurb.ca/b/3736881-watercolour-mixing-charts?redirect=true
• Watercolour Theoretical Guide :: http://www.handprint.com/HP/WCL/water.html

2 thoughts on “:: Books ::

  1. Your paintings look like watercolors. The brush and your hand and your love for this medium of painting shows on the paper. They’re beautiful.


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