Roman Baths

My second day with Jane Blundell and her 5-day bootcamp and I have to say that it is quite wonderful… she is a natural teacher, knowledgeable,very nice and has a good rhythm. Not too many demos, always interesting information and we learn a ton! And it is pertinent information, not common or generic knowledge, which I appreciate -) Being a teacher myself, I am aware that teachers tend to be very fussy students –)

Guy and I went to the Roman Baths after the workshop today and we were impressed. It is funny.. when I was in Istanbul and Ephesus two years ago and we were visiting the ruins, these ruins belonged to the Greeks. Today I had the same feeling, to the Romans that arrived in 46 AD! However, as I am presently reading Rutherford’s Londinium book on the history of this city, I know that these ruins belong here and not elsewhere… reading is important for understanding our world.

Paper: Stillman & Birns
Colours: Naples Yellow, Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine & Pyrrol Crimson Location: Pulteney Bridge, Bath, UK.

Pulteney Bridge, Bath, UK

We arrived in Bath late Saturday afternoon and were completely bushed as we had been up for  18 hours… hey! Everyone that travels knows about this -) On Sunday we had one day off so Guy and I did some heavy sightseeing — and it was a delight for the eyes and soul. Here is a drawing of Pulteney Bridge, dating from the 1700s and I am planning on adding colour, at some point in time. Instead of scanning I held my painting as the Urban Sketchers do! I think that this is a first for moi.

Today I was in Jane Blundell’s wonderful worshop! Willl post on this one tomorrow -)

Prepping for England

I’ve been absolutely terrified every moment of my life – and I’ve never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do.
— Georgia O’Keefe

We are preparing for our trip to England and I am testing out my setup with my iPhone and my very small Bluetooth keyboard. I scanned it with CamScanner which worked out well. Later on this week I will test out another app too. The scan lost alot of colours and is far from accurate, but it will have to do. If some of you use a really good app for scanning and colour correcting images, let me know which ones that you use? I still have one week to practice -)

Paper: Hand•book Field Watercolor Journal 7″x10″
Colours: Azo Yellow, Raw Siena, Burnt Sienna, Pyrrol Crimson, Mineral Violet, Sap Green  & Indanthrone Blue
Location: Rigaud, Québec, Canada

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