:: Fountain Pens ::

I just love them & when I paint, I draw with them & when I draw, I draw with them -))) 2017.12.15


Montreal, Québec
• Boutique de Styl.ca :: www.stylo.ca
• Mosel, 5337a Ferrier, Montreal Quebec, Tel: (514) 735-1138
• Nota Bene :: info@nota-bene.ca
• Papeterie Casse-Noisette, 445 St-Sulpice (Vieux Montréal) :: Tel: 514.845.4980

Halifax, Nova Scotia
• Duly Noted :: dulynoted.ca for stationery and quilljoy.com for pens in Halifax

• B. Sleuth & Statesman :: 130 King Street West,Toll-free: 1-866-835-7575
• Laywine’s :: 25 Bellair, Toronto, Ontario, Tel: (416) 921-7131 in Toronto
• Montblanc Boutique :: 151 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Toll Free: 1-800-388-4810
• Take note :: takenotestore.ca
• Wonder Pens :: wonderpens.ca
• Phidon Pens ::www.phidonpens.com :: Cambridge, Ontario

• Paint Spot, Alberta :: https://www.paintspot.ca/
• Reid’s Stationers, Calgary, Alberta :: (403) 229-4400  :: orders@reidson17th.com
• Stylus Fine Pens :: www.stylusfinepens.com :: Edmonton

Vancouver, British Columbia
• Charals — Graf Von Faber-Castell Boutique :: https://charals.com/
• Glenn’s Pens :: http://www.marcuslink.com/pens/index.html
• Obsessions :: 1008 Broad St. Victoria, BC :: Tel: 250.386.6661
• Perks :: info@perksperks.com
• Vancouver Pen Shop :: 512 West Hastings St., Vancouver, B.C. :: Tel: (604) 681-1612

• The Birmingham Pen Company :: https://www.birminghampens.com/
• The Goulet Pens Company :: www.gouletpens.com (My favourite company)
• Jet Pens :: www.jetpens.com

_____Fountain Pen Communities:
• The Fountain Pen Network :: http://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/
• Pentrace :: http://www.newpentrace.net/ (UK)
• Vancouver Pen Club :: http://www.vancouverpenclub.com/ (Canada)

_____Fountain Pen Repair in Canada
• Marc Harcourt, Vintage fountain pen repairs, restoration, sales :: meharcourt@hotmail.com

_____Pen Holders:
• Deleter Free Penholder, yellow
• Old Steelball straight calligraphy pen, black
• Manuscript Glossy Multicolored Marbled Penholder

_____Dip Pen Nibs
• Nikko G Pointed Nib
• Brause 66EF
• Brause 361 Fine
• Deleter Comic Pen Spoon Model
• Old Hunt Nibs & Scratcher Nibs

_____Fountain Pens that I Own (way too many I know…)
• Pilot Penmanship Fountain Pen, Clear, EF Nib, Japan (8$), JetPens.com
• Pilot Metropolitan F White ($15US) Gouletpens.com
• Pilot Prera F with convertor, Japan, (53$US)
• Namiki Falcon Medium, Japan, Medium Nib (130$US) Gouletpens.com
• Pilot Falcon Soft EF Japan ($152US) Gouletpens.com

• Platinum Carbon Desk Fountain Pen EF, Black, Japan (13$US) JetPens.com
• Platinum Desk Pen EF DP1000AB plus convertor, Red, Japan, (35$) Amazon.com
• Platinum 3776 Century EF Chartres/Blue, Japan (130$US) GouletPens.com

• Lamy Safari EF, Black, German (25$)
• Lamy Calligraphy Fountain Pen, black & silver, German, ($25)

• Hero Fude Nib #576, $20US, Japan

• Romus Majestic,Transparent, Free
• Noodlers Charlie, Transparent, Free
• Sailor Desk Fountain Pen EF, Taiwan, black & beige, (20$US) JetPens.com
• Sailor High Ace Neo Beginner’s F Nib, Orange, (~$20US) JetPens.com
• Noodlers Ahab, piston system, Blue marble,  (25$)
• Senator Krome 47 Fountain Pen, Black & silver, piston system, Vintage German (35$US) Ebay Cathy Johnson
• TWISBI Classic  EF with convertor, South Korea, (55$) Gouletpens.com (cap broke)

_____Inks that I use:
• DeAtramentis Document Black Ink (waterproof)
• DeAtramentis Document Blue (waterproof)
• DeAtramentis Document Brown(waterproof)
• DeAtramentis Document Fog Grey (waterproof)
• De Atramentis Fog Grey 12.95$US from Gouletpens.com — not waterproof;
• Carbon Ink black “bulletproof” specifically designed for the Platinum Carbon Desk FP;
• Noodlers Black — not waterproof;
• Noodlers Blue — not waterproof;
• Noodlers Brown (bulletproof);
• Noodlers Lexington Grey (bulletproof), my favourite colour
• Hiroshige Kon Peke — not waterproof — expensive & beautiful

Cleaning Fountain Pens :: LINK ::

3 thoughts on “:: Fountain Pens ::

  1. Hello Jane,

    I was at the workshop that you did in Dunany and enjoyed it thoroughly.
    So much so that I went out and bought myself a Noodler Ahab.
    The only waterproof ink that I could get was Higgins.
    What are your thoughts on Higgins and do you have any recommended maintenance for the pen?
    Thanks in advance for any tips and thanks again for a great workshop.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Peter,
      I remember you! You were renting out one of Angie’s cottages and you live in Beaconsfield? Well, a Noodler Ahab is a very comfortable pen and very nice — one of many favourites. I do not know Higgins ink and now you have peaked my interest -) I will look into them but for maintenance just make sure that you clean “flush” your pen at least once per month and you should be good. Hope to see you again -)


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