:: Fountain Pens :: Inks ::

I am an admirer of fountain pens… I just love them & when I paint, I draw with them.

Fountain Pens

• Platinum Century 3887 EF (130$US)
• Lamy Safari EF, German, (25$)
• Lamy Calligraphy Fountain Pen, German, (25$)
• Pilot Flexi Grip EF (8$), Japan, plus convertor (8$US)
• Pilot Prera F with convertor, Japan, (53$US)
• Namiki Falcon Medium, Japan, (130$US)
• Pilot Falcon Soft EF Japan ($152US)
• Noodlers Ahab, piston system, USA (25$)
• Platinum Carbon Desk Fountain Pen EF (13$US)
• Platinum Desk Pen EF DP1000AB plus convertor, Japan, (35$) — from Amazon.com
• Sailor Desk Fountain Pen EF, Taiwan, (20$US) — from JetPens.com
• Senator Krome 47 Fountain Pen,Vintage German, piston system (35$US) – Ebay Cathy Johnson
• TWISBI Classic  EF with convertor, South Korea, (55$) — from Gouletpens.com (cap broke)

Inks that I use:
• DeAtramentis Document Black Ink (waterproof)
• DeAtramentis Document Blue (waterproof)
• DeAtramentis Document Brown(waterproof)
• DeAtramentis Document Fog Grey (waterproof)
• De Atramentis Fog Grey 12.95$US from Gouletpens.com — not waterproof;
• Carbon Ink black “bulletproof” specifically designedfor the Platinum Carbon Desk Fountain Pen;
• Noodlers Black — not waterproof;
• Noodlers Blue — not waterproof;
• Noodlers Brown (bulletproof);
• Noodlers Lexington Grey (bulletproof)
• Hiroshige Kon Peke — not waterproof — expensive

Cleaning Fountain Pen :: LINK ::

Sketchbooks that I use:

• Handbook Journal from Global Art Materials Watercolor Book (5-1/4 by 8-1/4 inch)
• Moleskine Watercolor Album (5 x 8.25 inches) 
• Pentalic Aqua Journal (5 x 8 inch)
• Stillman and Birn Beta Hardbound Sketchbook (5.5 x 8.5 inches)

Watercolour Paper that I use:

• Saunders Waterford is my absolute favourite, CP, 140 lbs;
• Bockingford is a cheaper version which is made by the same mill;
• Fabriano Artistico CP 140 lbs;
• Arches CP 140 lbs.


• Kum Pencil Sharpener;


• Kneaded Eraser and White Latex-Free Eraser;


3 Responses to :: Fountain Pens :: Inks ::

  1. Peter Skahan says:

    Hello Jane,

    I was at the workshop that you did in Dunany and enjoyed it thoroughly.
    So much so that I went out and bought myself a Noodler Ahab.
    The only waterproof ink that I could get was Higgins.
    What are your thoughts on Higgins and do you have any recommended maintenance for the pen?
    Thanks in advance for any tips and thanks again for a great workshop.


    Liked by 1 person

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