:: Inktober 15 mysterious ::

Easter Island Moai
— by John Curtis, poet

Their faces mottled grey
neolithic axe heads;
trolls rising from
the worn steep green slopes.

Some stand in line on low
dais, wearing pillbox hats;
perverse stone doughnuts.
Stoic. Gazing unmoved.

Many, part clawed from the
clinging rock, leaning, watch
the endless procession
of pale drifting clouds.

Deep shadowed eyes stare
blindly from beneath broad
ledged brows; impassive,
incurious. Aloof.

Alone under bird-haunted
skies, surrounded by the
vast-horizoned oceans.
Mysterious. Unknown.

What is more mysterious than the Easter Island moais, carved human figures, some weighing as much as 82 tons? So here is my #Inktober2017 #15 mysterious theme.