:: I worried…. by Mary Oliver ::


I worried a lot. Will the garden grow, will the river
flow in the right direction, will the earth turn
as it was taught, and if not how shall
I correct it?

Was I right, was I wrong, will I be forgiven,
can I do better?

Will I ever be able to sing, even the sparrows
can do it and I am, well,

Is my eyesight fading or am I just imagining it,
am I going to get rheumatism,
lockjaw, dementia?

Finally I saw that worrying had come to nothing.
And gave it up. And took my old body
and went out into the morning,
and sang.


:: Little XMas Tree ::

“If creativity is a habit, then the best creativity is the result of good work habits.
They are the nuts and bolts of dreaming.”
(Twyla Tharp)

Today is the full moon and it promises to be a beautiful night as the skies are clear out here on Rigaud Mountain. We put up our Christmas decorations today and this is one of our little trees that is standing on a small table.

I drew this in my favourite “drawing” paper which are Moleskine Sketchbooks… the paper is just fabulous for drawing, especially with my favourite fountain pen of all times, the Platinum 3776 EF. The paper has some type of glaze on top of it which makes drawing on it as if I was drawing with butter… hum… so cool -) However as it is fabulous for drawing, it is not as fabulous for painting! When you put watercolour paints on it, the paint stays “on” the paper instead of being absorbed… and sometimes you just have to scrub it in, which gives it a grungy look, which I sometimes like. An artist in Scotland, Will Freeborn, specializes in painting in Moleskines.

Paper: Moleskine Skethchbook
Fountain Pen: Platinum 3776 EF
Ink: DeAtramentis Document Black
Location: Rigaud, Québec, Canada

:: Quills ::

One smile can start a friendship,
one word can end a fight.
One look can save a relationship,
one person can change your life.

I am starting to prep for my oncoming semester by doing some quick basic pen strokes with my newly filled up Platinum Carbon Fountain Pen, which I love by the way and has to be the best buy there is as it is quick inexpensive (approximately $20 Cdn). This is the first sketchbook that I used when I started drawing and I still love it as this is the older version of glazed paper that they used to sell… now with the newer version of Moleskine Sketchbooks the paper is quite thinner and is not as good quality as before as it has lost the glaze that makes writing and drawing such a pleasure as the ink glides on the paper… alas!

Paper: Moleskine Sketchbook Large
Fountain Pen: Platinum Carbon Pen
Ink: De Atramentis Document Black Ink
Watercolours: Ultramarine & Burnt Sienna


Happy New Year :: Bonne année

Happy New Year :: Health, love, wisdom & a long life.

Here in Rigaud the winter light is crisp and we are under a foot deep of white snow and even the birds seem to be rejoicing. At least 12 goldfinches are perched on one feeder and the constant to and fro of the chickadees and nuthatches makes looking out the window a marvel of fluttering wings. I love this.

I will not be talking about resolutions for the new year but a bit about continuing to do what I do well in life and stop doing what I am not very good at… This past semester was a difficult semester for me and I had to fight against low energy levels and lethargy and I am becoming more mindful of the energy required to create on a regular basis. If I am to create on a regular basis, I need to keep my energy levels high and not get caught up in the drudgery of deadlines and meetings at school, which become futile in the long run for me in these senior years.

Je ne parlerai pas de résolutions personnelles pour la nouvelle année mais plutôt de continuer à faire les choses que je fais bien dans la vie et d’arrêter de faire les choses que je suis moins bonne — ou au moins essayer de m’améliorer. Je voudrais atteindre une régularité artistique. Je deviens de plus en plus consciente de l’énergie nécessaire pour créer de l’art sur une base régulière, et ceci veut dire que je dois garder mes niveaux d’énergie élevés et ne pas me laisser prendre dans la turbulence de réunions dramatiques et de la corvée des échéanciers à l’école, qui deviennent à mon âge, futiles.

Paper: Moleskine Watercolour Sketchbook
Colours: Q. Gold, Burnt Sienna & Indanthrone Blue
Location: Rigaud, Québec, Canada


Happy New Year 2016 :: Bonne Année 2016


Moleskine Sketchbook :: Carnet Moleskine

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering

There is a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in. 
— Leonard Cohen

I felt like drawing tonight so I decided to use my Moleskine Sketchbook that has a wonderful smooth surface that permits the fountain pen to glide… and when you put watercolour on this paper, the paint pearls instead of gliding blissfully. This makes the drawing look very grungy, which is nice… sometimes. There is an artist named Wil Freeborn that often paints using the Moleskine Sketchbooks.

J’avais le goût de dessiner ce soir et j’ai sorti mon livret à croquis de Moleskine qui est un papier superbe pour les dessins car l’encre glisse et le papier est d’un douceur! Par contre, il donne un effet assez contraire avec les aquarelles car la peinture, au lieu de glisser, semble perler et ceci peut donner des résultats heureux… des fois. Il y a un artiste Wil Freeborn qui peint souvent dans ce style de livret avec de beaux résultats.

Paper: Moleskine Sketchbook 5″ x 8″
Colours: Burnt Umber & French Ultramarine
Fountain Pen: Pilot Penmanship EF
Ink: Noodlers’ Lexington Grey
Location: Reference photograph


Tree for my students :: Cet arbre pour mes élèves

You see, to me, the art of music is listening to it, not playing it. The real art of it is hearing it.
— Keith Richards

Tomorrow with  my first year students we are going outside to draw trees so I have drawn/ painted this tree for them tonight. The quote by Keith Richards really rings true to me as I see painting in that way… the real art of painting is learning to seeing!!! I used for this painting the Moleskine Sketchbook that my students will be using and as this paper has a glaze on it, you actually have to scrub the watercolours into the paper, which gives a very grungy look. There is a scottish artist that often paints in this sketchbook. His name is Wil Freeborn and here is his website — LINK –.

Demain mes élèves et moi vont dessiner les arbres majestueux du Cégep John Abbott. La citation de Keith Richards résonne en moi car je vois la peinture un peu de la même manière… Le vrai art de la peinture est apprendre à voir!!! Il y a un artiste écossais et le nom est Wil Freeborn qui peint souvent dans ces carnets d’aquarelle. LIEN.

Paper: Moleskine Sketchbook 5.5″ x 8.5″
Ink: Noodlers’ Lexington Grey
Colours: French Ultramarine, Burnt Sienna & Raw Sienna
Location: Rigaud, Québec, Canada.


Draw what is there :: Dessiner ce qui est là

… one day on the road to Norwood, I noticed a bit of ivy round a thorn stem, which seemed, even to my critical judgment, not ill ‘composed’; and proceeded to make a light and shade pencil study of it in my grey paper pocketbook, carefully, as if it had been a bit of sculpture, liking it more and more as I drew. When it was done, I saw that I had virtually lost all my time since I was twelve years old, because no one had ever told me to draw what was really there!
— John Ruskin, Artist & Observer

So the apple today was there on the table for me to draw… with a graphite pencil. I am trying to figure out how to draw in pencil and as I was perusing Ruskin’s book, and looking closely at his drawings, I can see that his lines are often parallel with some distance between them. So this is my pencil practice. I also tried applying what he says in his quote “to really draw what is there”.

Aujourd’hui cette pomme était sur la table de cuisine, et c’est elle que j’ai dessinée, au crayon graphite. En regardant les dessins à la mine de John Ruskin, j’ai remarqué que ses dessins au crayon sont souvent faits avec des lignes distancées et parallèles. Donc voici ma pratique au crayon. J’ai essayé d’appliquer ce que Ruskin dit: de vraiment dessiner ce qui est là”.

Paper: Moleskine Sketchbook 8″x5″
Pencil: Graphite 6B and HB
Location: Rigaud, Québec


Sleeping Beauties :: Les beautés somnolentes

In the province of Québec, hockey is a passion. Every saturday night, when hockey season is ongoing, especially when the Montreal Canadians are playing, my husband and Pyper (our dog) get settled down to watch the game… and within a few minutes, I would say 10 at the most, they become sleeping beauties! And I must add that it is not only hockey that has this magical effect on them — football seems to work perfectly also. So this is my “time” to draw these two beauties while they are unaware of my intentions as drawing “live” people is very intimidating for me. Pyper sometimes seems to have a 7th sense to fidget the minute that I zoom in on him — humph!

Au Québec, le hockey est une institution et une passion. À tous les samedis soirs, quand les Canadiens jouent, mon chum et Pyper (notre chien) s’asseoient ensemble pour l’écouter… et je vous jure, en-dedans de 10 minutes, les deux sont partis au nirvana. Ils dorment! Cependant la minute que la voix des commentateurs s’élèvent, les yeux s’entre-ouvrent pour voir ce qui se passe — pourrait-on dire qu’ils somnolent? Et mieux encore la magie se fait aller aussi avec le football!!! Moi ça me permet de les dessiner à ma guise, au fil des semaines…

Moleskine Sketchbook 5″ x8″
Fountain Pen: Twisbi Classic EF
Ink: Noodlers’ #41 Brown


The majestic tree :: Arbre majestueux

I am the voice of wind
and wave and tree,
Of stern desires and blind,
Of strength to be…
— Charles G. D. Roberts “Autochthon”

Trees have longer lives than ours and were here before man. How strange to me that we do not see them, are blind to their majestic grace. So here is an ode to all of the trees of this planet, our lungs! I am grateful for their existence. Painting inspired by Arthur Rackham.

Les arbres vivent plus longtemps que nous et étaient présents sur cette Terre bien avant nous. Comment étrange que nous ne les voyons presque plus, leur grâce ignorée. Voici un ode à toutes les arbres sur cette planète, nos poumons! Sans eux, où serions-nous? Peinture inspirée par Arthur Rackham.

Paper: Moleskine Sketchbook
Pen: Sailor Desk
Ink: Carbon Ink


Destiny :: Destinée

“Each man had only one genuine vocation – to find the way to himself…. His task was to discover his own destiny – not an arbitrary one – and to live it out wholly and resolutely within himself. Everything else was only a would-be existence, an attempt at evasion, a flight back to the ideals of the masses, conformity and fear of one’s own inwardness.” 
― Hermann Hesse

As I was trying to draw this student, who thankfully had his back to me, it made me nervous… nervous that he would just walk away, nervous that he would find out that I was attempting to draw him and nervous that someone would be watching me drawing him. Why does drawing people make me so nervous? Perhaps because I am a private person that does not like prying into other people’s lives? My mind kept going back to the question that Herman Hesse is asking… what is this young man’s destiny? What lies on the road ahead of him? Will he be happy? Famous? Have a hard life? A good life? No one knows… does he?

 En dessinant cet élève, qui heureusement était de dos à moi, j’étais très nerveuse… nerveuse qu’il partirait tout d’un coup et que mon modèle ne serait plus là, peur qu’il s’aperçoive que j’étais en train de le dessiner, peur que quelqu’un d’autre me voit le dessiner… combien d’angoisses peuvent surgir en si peu de temps? Pourquoi est-ce que dessiner des personnes sur le vif m’angoisse tant? Un manque d’expérience peut-être? Étant une personne privée, je n’aime pas m’introduire dans la vie des gens. Mon esprit retournait aux mots de Herman Hesse… quelle est sa destinée à ce jeune homme? Quel sera le trajet de sa vie? Heureuse? Facile? Difficile? Personne le sait… le sait-il?

Paper: Moleskine Sketchbook
Fountain Pen: Pilot Prera F
Ink: Noodlers Lexington Gray
Colours: Prussian Blue, Raw Sienna and Burnt Sienna


Arthur Rackham

“Like the sundial, my paint box counts no hours but sunny ones.”  ― Arthur Rackham While I was drawing a section of my kitchen this morning, I started thinking about drawing with a fine ink pen and my mind automatically drifted to Arthur Rackham’s (1867-1939) amazing art. I think that many artists learn by looking, observing, learning to see the work of famous, and not so famous artists. One artist that I have loved since I was a little girl is Arthur Rackham. He was, and still is, an amazing artist and well worth your perusing. He has a way of bringing life to trees in a way that no other can do. I have included two of his paintings in this post so that you can see what I mean. Pendant que je dessinais une partie de ma cuisine ce matin, mes pensées se sont tournées vers Arthur Rackham, un artiste que je chérie depuis ma tendre enfance. La façon qu’il travaille la ligne, et ses arbres, est incroyable! Les artistes apprennent leur métier de façons bien différentes et une est d’observer les grands artistes de ce monde. Paper: Moleskine Sketchbook Fountain Pen: Pilot Prera F Ink: Noodlers’ Lexington Grey 20140218_Kitchen                           a028317208c92613227219ac933bd0f2 6e3b09c8978fa0f127b3fc153695ea2a

Negative Shapes :: Espaces négatifs

For this drawing I tried finding the negatives shapes by defining them with hatching and cross-hatching lines. I retraced at the end some of the forms and this is when I realized that I should not have… and as many painters will point you, “You need to know when to stop”. Sometimes I don’t…

Pour ce dessin j’ai regardé les espaces négatifs en utilisant des lignes hachurées. À la fin, j’ai décidé de contourner des formes et j’ai réalisé en le faisant que je n’aurais pas dû. Beaucoup de peintres disent: «On doit savoir quand s’arrêter…» et des fois je ne le fais pas…

Sketchbook: Moleskine Sketchbook
Fountain Pen: Sailor Desk Fountain Pen EF
Ink: Carbon Ink
Drawn from a reference picture


Grungy golden :: Chien grungy

Do not draw until you have a “vision”, then hold to that trying to recapture it always.
― Edgar A. Whitney

I have been revisiting Edgar Whitney’s book Complete Guide to Watercolor Painting and it is excellent — it goes through all of the required steps for achieving good watercolour paintings and more. I was lucky today to capture my grungy dog’s head as usually, when he notices that I am drawing him, he stops doing whatever he was doing  usually sleeping  and comes over to play with me.

Je suis en train de lire le livre de Edgar Whitney Complete Guide to Watercolor Painting et ce livre est très bon si l’on prend le temps de le lire. Finalement j’ai réussi à peindre la tête de mon grungy chien, que j’ai déjà essayé maintes fois, car lorsqu’il s’aperçoit que je le regarde il arrête de faire ce qu’il faisait  qui est habituellement de dormir  pour venir me voir pour jouer.

Paper: Moleskine Sketchbook
Colours: Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna and Burnt Orange, Payne’s Gray

Vintage Opera Glasses :: Lunettes pour l’opéra

When I was very young my mother, who has a fabulous alto voice, would go to the opera in Montreal with my father. She would put on beautiful dresses and bring these wonderful opera glasses… all clad in mother of pearl. Sometimes it seemed as though her dresses suited the glasses and I would be in a daze of exquisiteness.

Étant bien jeune ma mère, qui a une voix sublime d’alto, sortait avec mon père pour aller entendre et voir l’opéra à Montréal. Elle portait pour ces occasions des robes exquises et n’oubliait jamais ses lunettes d’opéra en nacre de perle. Des fois il semblait que ses robes étaient en nacre de perle. J’étais portée par cette beauté.

Paper: Moleskine Sketchbook
Colours: Raw Sienna & Payne’s Grey
Pen: TWISBI Classic EF
Ink: Noodlers’ Lexington Grey

The Bark :: Le tronc

I have been exploring with my students the power of the line… the “crosshatched” line, the “straight” line, the “wavy” line, the “contour” line, the “shadow/highlight” line, the “look/hold/draw” type of lines, the working “blind” lines, the “restating” line… ooh maman! So many type of lines. I decided today to show one example. A mix of straight and curved lines… quite simple in fact.

Avec mes élèves nous explorons les différents types de lignes en dessin. Je ne connais pas les termes en français malheureusement mais si vous voulez connaître ceux que nous explorons, voir le texte en anglais ci-haut. Mais juste pour dire qu’il y en a tellement… que j’ai décidé d’en dessiner un, juste pour le fun -)

Paper: Moleskine Sketchbook
Fountain Pen: Pilot Flexi Grip EF
Ink: Noodlers’ Lexington Grey



Colours & my eyes :: Les yeux & couleurs

This past week was very intense at school and I spent most of my weekend preping and correcting students’ work. So I had very little time to even think about painting or sketching. So today I rushed out at 3:00 pm to try and sketch… and disaster was in the making. I have noticed that if I do not paint every 3 days, my eyes cannot see the colours anymore… my hand/eye coordination is still good, but the colours have disappeared from my eyes.

So here are feeble attempts at a beautiful landscape… I did not have the colours in my eyes! So the first landscape was done with Cerulean Blue, Yellow Ochre and Alizarin Crimson while the bottom attempt was with Cobalt Blue, New Gambodge and Alizarin Crimson. Both have muddy greens and I should have thought about Jeanne Dobie’s lessons -)




Even though the temperature was beautiful and warm today, I could not go out and sketch on location or “plein air” as I did not have the time. So here is my take on a trio of beautiful red roses (you have to imagine the colour — LOL). I wanted to mention that the Moleskine Sketchbooks are wonderful with a fountain pen for drawing. Today I used my Sailor EF Fountain Pen with Lexington Gray Ink and it glides on the pages.  If you like drawing with fountain pens, this paper is fabulous for this.

Je n’ai pas eu le temps de sortir et peindre en plein air aujourd’hui… donc je vous offre trois roses… vous devez vous imaginer leur couleur… rouge profond! Par contre, je voulais spécifier que si vous aimez dessiner avec des plumes fontaines, les carnets  sont incroyables car l’encre glisse comme du beurre sur ce paper. 

Paper: Moleskine Sketchbook
Ink: Noodlers Lexington Grey
Pen: Sailor EF


Celery stalk :: Pied de céleri

I never knew that celery would be so hard to paint… this is my fourth try on four different days. Some of them have good parts to them, but all in all, they were not postable (can I say that?) So here is my celery stalk… that has been stalking me for four days in a row.

Le céleri est un légume qui semble si facile à peindre…

Paper: Moleskine Watercolour Sketchbook
Colours: Serpentine Genuine
Ink: Lexington Grey
Pen: Pilot Flexi Grip


Crazy Coffee Percolator :: Percolateur délirant

Here is my coffee percolator that I inherited from my parents many years ago (even though they are still living and healthy of mind and body) and which they had for most of their lives. This is a Revere Ware coffee percolator and it makes the most heavenly coffee as I use Paradisio black coffee beans that I grind myself and buy at Second Cup. So I went a tad crazy painting it as I have started a new sketchbook, my trusted Moleskine Watercolor Sketchbook. It was just pure pleasure to paint on this paper again, in this format again. Yeah!

Voici mon percolateur que j’ai hérité de mes parents il y a déjà des lunes et eux l’ont aussi utilisé pour une bonne partie de leurs vies. C’est un Revere Ware et fait un café exquis avec les grains de café Paradisio noirs que je mous moi-même de Second Cup. Un autre bonheur est le fait que je viens de commencer un autre cahier croquis que j’aime beaucoup de Moleskine. C’était un pur plaisir de peindre dedans et j’ai reviré un petit peu folle, tellement que j’étais contente!

Colours: Indigo, Burnt Umber & Aureolin
Paper: Moleskine Watercolour Sketchbook
Pen: Pilot Flexi Grip
Ink: Noodlers Lexington Grey


A very special Day :: Une journée bien spéciale

Today is my mother’s 88th birthday and her 62nd wedding anniversary with my Dad. My life is privileged, as both of my parents are still living, healthy and smart. So I wish you a Happy Birthday and a Wonderful Anniversary to both of you. So to celebrate this event, I painted this landscape (even though I know that my Mom hates winter). I was hoping that the corn fields would be showing some instances of grass peeking through, but in my neck of the woods, we are still covered in snow.

This day is also special because I have just finished my 6th sketchbook since I started on this journey in early 2012. I have gone through 3 Moleskines, 1 Strathmore, 1 Stillman & Birn and 1 Larolan Sketchbook and many loose leaf sheets.

C’est la fête de ma mère aujourd’hui et elle fête ses 88 ans! Mes parents fêtent aussi leur 62e anniversaire de mariage… quelle vie ;-) J’ai peint ce paysage pour cet événement, en espérant qu’il y aurait un peu de brins d’herbe qui apparaîtraient… mais dans mon coin de pays, tout est aussi blanc qu’en hiver… mais dans très peu de temps, les herbes vont apparaître. J’ai hâte!

Cette journée est aussi spéciale pour une toute autre raison. Je viens de finir mon 6e livret croquis. J’ai passé au travers de 3 Moleskines, 1 Strathmore, 1 Stillman & Birn et 1 Larolan depuis que j’ai commencé sur ce trajet artistique.

Colours: Cerulean Blue, Alizarin Crimson, Burnt Umber & Aureolin Yellow
Pen: Sailor Extra Fine Pen
Ink: Black Carbon Ink


Gentle Giants

My painting surely reflects the environment in which I live… added to this is the love that I have for all trees, shrubs, creepy crawlers, moss, and everything in between and beyond. So let me introduce to you the majestic Eastern Pine and its accolade. These are gentle giants as they hover above our heads and protect us from downpours, high winds, and they are home to all of the critters and mammals. In the spring their sugary sap starts running, their cones scent the entrance to the house and its scented needles cushion the forest floor.

Mes peintures reflètent bien mon environnement dans lequel je vie… et que j’aime tellement. Laissez-moi vous introduire au Pin de l’est, majestueux en soi. Il nous protège des grands vents, filtre la neige qui tombe toute en douceur, en été nous laisse son arôme intense et ses glands collants et tapisse le sol avec ses aiguilles de pin. En plus, les mammifères et les oiseaux de la forêt l’adopte, faisant leur nid dans les trous ou dans le creux de leurs branches. À chaque année on a couple d’hibous qui adopte un de nos pins.

Colours: Indigo, New Gambodge Burnt Umber
Ink: Noodlers Lexington Grey
Pen: Pilot Flexigrip
Moleskine Watercolor Notebook


Sucrerie de la Montagne

For the sap to start flowing in the spring, temperatures have to be just right. Freezing temperatures at night and above zero during the day… so for the past week, the sap has been flowing in this region. The Sucrerie de la Montagne, situated in Rigaud, is open all-year round and tourists from all over the world come in huge buses to have a taste of this golden liquid.

Pour que la sève d’érable coule à flot, les nuits doivent être sous zéro et le jour au-dessus… dans la dernière semaine elle coule bien. La Sucrerie de la Montagne, située à Rigaud, est ouverte à l’année longue et des touristes du monde entier arrivent en gros autobus pour goûter ce sirop doré.

Colours: Indigo, Burnt Orange and Burnt Sienna
Ink: Noodlers Lexington Grey
Pen: Pilot Flexigrip
Moleskine Watercolor Notebook


Boy oh boy!… Sapristi!

Boy oh boy are boots hard to draw. I started over three times before getting these to work… or walk? should I say? I was planning on drawing the pair, but just starting with one for tonight is enough. As I was just finishing this drawing, my fountain pen rolled off the kitchen counter and smashed on the floor… sending black ink all over our hardwood floors. Luckily, Martha Stewart came to the rescue and with her instructions and some Rubbing Alcohol and the persistent scrubbing from my hubbie, the stains disappeared. Fiou!

Sapristi, je ne pensais pas que des bottes seraient si difficiles à dessiner… j’avais l’intention de dessiner la paire, mais j’ai arrêté après mon troisième essai. Ensuite, ma plume fontaine a  revolé parterre et toute l’encre noire s’est écoulée sur le plancher de bois franc… ayoye! Grâce à Martha Stewart et de l’alcool à friction et beaucoup d’huile à bras (de mon chum), les taches sont disparues. Fiou!


Miniature Wooden Sailboat :: Bateau à voile miniature

Here is a wooden miniature sailboat that we have had since my first childhood memories… it sits on the top of the fireplace mantle, ready to sail forward into the unknown. It is made of a beautiful pale wood where you can clearly see the marbled veins of the wood. It’s strings are all broken, falling wayward, and you can still feel the woodworkers’ skill behind this work of art.

Un bateau à voile que nous avions dans notre famille et qui fait partie de mes plus vieux souvenirs… il est assis sur le manteau de la cheminée, prêt à partir voguer où le vent l’emportera. Il est fait d’un bois très pâle avec des rainures qui longent les voiles. Les cordes sont tous brisées, cassées et déboulonnées mais on peut encore sentir l’oeuvre du menuisier qui l’a créé.

Paper: Small Moleskine Sketchbook
Ink: Black Carbon Ink (Permanent)
Pen: Platinum Fountain Desk Carbon Pen, Super Fine


White Orchid :: Orchidée blanche

Getting back into painting with this white orchid Taisuco Kockdian “Yukimai” that I have at home. These are the easiest orchids to keep and with a good bed filled with rocks and water, they will last forever. I drew this with a very fine fountain pen named Platinum Carbon Pen (JetPens) with some black Carbon Ink (which is waterproof). I drew this in the Small Moleskine Sketchbook which has a glaze on it that makes the ink glide on the paper. I tried a different crosshatching technique today… a series of very short hatches instead of long ones.

Un dessin d’une orchidée blanche Taisuco Kockdian “Yukimai” que j’ai chez moi… c’est des plantes qui vont durer des années si l’on met des roches et de l’eau sous le pot.  J’ai dessiné avec une plume fontaine Platinum Carbon Pen (JetPens) avec de l’encre noire Carbon Ink (imperméable). J’ai dessiné dans le Small Moleskine Sketchbook qui a un fini de glaise qui fait que l’encre glisse sur le papier — super! J’ai essayé une autre technique de hachures qui consiste en de courts traits répétés.