Plage Cayo Largo Beach

This is a sideview from our beach in Cayo Largo… quite nice. The sea was much more feisty than it seems in my painting — but hey! I was just happy to get the colours right!
Voici la vue de la plage de notre hôtel… la mer était beaucoup plus tumultueuse qu’elle en a de l’air — mais hey! J’étais juste contente d’avoir réussi la couleur.

Colours: Prussian Blue, Aureolin Yellow, Raw Sienna & Burnt Sienna
Sketchbook:  Trav•e•logue series watercolor journals by Hand•book Journal Co.Size: 8.25″ x 8.25″20130625_CayoLargo

4 thoughts on “Plage Cayo Largo Beach

    1. Hi Shari,
      I am really enjoying them and the square format is really refreshing. I have noticed though that the paper does not like very light washes as it blooms easily? Not sure but there are a couple of paintings that I completely ruined because of that? Or maybe that it is just because of me — LOL ;-)


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