Oh Rigaud, my Rigaud!

My own hometown, Ste-Madeleine de Rigaud, more commonly known as Rigaud, has many old buildings and was officially founded in 1732. This is an attempt at painting one of its buildings, which was once a sports supply shop, a library and until very recently, an antique shop. This building is situated on St. Pierre Street, next to the Presbytère Ste-Madeleine. The reason that I picked this building was because of its fabulous clock and its metal roof which has a really interesting shape–certainly a challenge in perspective drawing.

2 thoughts on “Oh Rigaud, my Rigaud!

  1. Hi Linda,

    oh wow! Finally some information on this buildling… thank you. I have just visited your site, and it is exciting! So we will meet in October then with the Urban Sketchers — yeah!


  2. Hi Jane,
    I am busy searching through your blogs and found this sketch of the town hall. Since I have lived in the area it was a sports supply shop, library and antique shop. Yes, I have sketched it twice this summer and the clock dome is a challenge. I am so sad to have missed your first Montreal sketching at Jean Talon Market but will be there at the next one.


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