Would-be Sketcher

First and foremost, I need learn how to draw… or at least draw in a more profound and satisfactory fashion, with more depth. Thus, I have just bought a book named Keys to Drawing by Bert Dodson. Tonight I am starting his lesson plan…

The first exercise is to attempt to draw my feet, using blind drawing and taking about 1/2 hour to complete it in. He calls it the “look-hold-draw” process which means that we need to look at the feet much more than at the drawing that we are drawing… and stop drawing while you are looking by keeping the pen or pencil on the paper and not moving it… well let’s give it a try. You are also allowed “restatements” in the drawing, meaning that we can have double and triple lines where the drawing seems to be lopsided…. that! without taking your pen or pencil off of the page. Hah!

However, the first shoes that I tried were black chinese slippers with very little detail, and this is what it gave me… so the moral of the story is, find an “interesting” object, not a plain old doddy one.