:: Sketchbook Skool & Koosje Koene ::

Focus on the journey, not the destination.
Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.
— Greg Anderson

Woke up this morning and to my surprise, I had a good night’s sleep (for those of you who are wondering, just read my previous post) and I was rested and ready to go. Picked up my drawing/watercolour paraphernalia and headed for Old Montreal where I met Larry Marshall from Quebec City and as we sat down to sketch it started raining. So we decided to move and find another vista, which we did, sat down and it started raining again… by this time it was 11:30 am and high time to get back to the Nelson Statue to meet up with Sketchbook Skool Koosje Koene and some USK Montrealers… and guess what? It was still raining. So we actually decided to head towards the Jardin Nelson which has been restored beautifully! They kept the old outside and inside architecture intact and took down all of the inside walls AND the roof and created an indoor café/restaurant with jazz musicians playing throughout the day, huge parasols to keep us safe from the rain and good lighting for sketching! Could you actually ask for more? Other than this, Koosje is a really nice person and the group was in awe! I met some kind-hearted people today…

To stay true to the Urban Sketchers manifest, I drew this on location. Tomorrow I will be painting it in from my house. When I drew this, I was looking towards the sky and seeing these huge parasols that must have at least 30 feet wide or more? Not sure of their size, but they actually looked life flowers to me.

Sketchbook: Handbook field watercolor journal, 10″ x 7″
Fountain Pen: Platinum Desk Pen Black — Extra Fine – DP-1000AN-Red (for Larry)
Ink: Noodler’s Lexington Grey
Location: Jardin Nelson in Old Montreal


McGill Building :: Bâtisse

I always try parking in the same area at my job… and it is not always fruitful. So this is the view when I park in my favourite spot on the John Abbott Campus… I have a view of one of the McGill buildings, as we share the same campus.

Tomorrow morning the Montreal Urban Sketchers are meeting at the Mount Royal Metro for 10:00 am. Today the temperature was 3º Celsius, and the regions just north of my municipality received small amounts of snow. The winter tires have been put on both cars, the house windows have been cleaned and turkey soup was brewing this morning. We are preparing for winter! We might be sketching with freezing snow tomorrow so we will need to be all bundled up — with mitten and scarves -)))

Demain matin je vais sketcher avec les Urban Sketchers de Montréal et nous nous rencontrons au métro Mont-Royal pour 10:00 am. Aujourd’hui les températures oscillaient autour des 3º Celsius, et les régions juste au nord de chez moi ont reçu de la neige la nuit passée. Les pneus d’hiver sont installés sur les deux automobiles, les fenêtres ont été nettoyées et ce matin une belle soupe à la dinde mijotait sur le rond. Um. On se prépare pour l’hiver… le problème est que le congélateur est déjà plein -))). Demain il va faire “frette” comme on dit dans le coin, donc il va falloir avoir des mitaines et des foulards…

Paper: hand•book pocket landscape
Colours: Prussian Blue, Raw Sienna and Q. Burnt Orange
Pen: Pilot Flexi Grip EF
Ink: Noodlers Lexington Grey