Beneficial Errors :: Erreurs bénéfiques

This is a very quick sketch and a very quick painting… and sometimes in life we live through beneficial errors… not always, but sometimes. Even though this is not as good a painting as I would have liked to post, I am posting it to show why it showed me some of my previous errors. I am using the Small Moleskine Sketchbook and I decided to let the paint “bead” or “pearl”… but in order for this to happen, I had to put in alot more water and paint than I am used to! And this is when I realized that for all of my previous paintings, I have not been putting in enough water and paints… the brush really needs to be full of paint–it needs to feel heavy and the minute that I let the paint touch the paper, it should bead down. Previously my brush would only have a few drops… not big dollops. So I will try this again sometime this week.

Une erreur bénéfique est quand nous apprenons d’elle… et j’ai réalisé aujourd’hui que je ne mettais pas assez de peinture et d’eau dans mon pinceau pour toutes mes peintures antérieures … le pinceau aujourd’hui était lourd et la peinture “perlait”. Aujourd’hui j’en ai mis beaucoup, et même si le résultat n’est pas aussi bon que je voudrais, j’ai mis la bonne quantité de peinture et d’eau. Donc ma prochaine peinture va recevoir beaucoup plus d’eau et de peinture que je suis habituée. On va voir si je vais avoir de meilleurs résultats.

Paper: Small Moleskine Sketchbook
Watercolors: Winsor & Newton and Daniel Smith
Ink: Lexington Grey with Pilot Flexi Grip Fountain Pen EF

Old Shed :: Vieille shed

I really seem to like old sheds, as they keep reappearing in my paintings. This artwork was done on Stillman & Birn Beta Series paper with black Carbon Ink and watercolours. The colours used were mostly Burnt Sienna, French Ultramarine and Burnt Orange.

This shed is on Fief Road in Rigaud and I am now just discovering its hidden gems.

J’aime bien ces vieilles sheds qui témoignent d’un temps passé. Celle-ci est sur le chemin Fief à Rigaud.

Watercolours: Winsor & Newton Artist watercolours & Daniel Smith
Paper: Stillman & Birn, Beta Series 140 lbs
Drawing Ink: Carbon Ink Fountain Pen with black Carbon Ink