Prepping & Thinking

Each generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it,
and wiser than the one that comes after it.

George Orwell, taken from the wonderful Painter’s Keys website

Line drawing was just done for a friend, which I will soon be painting. The lead lines are for the shadows. Once the drawing is done, the excitement of adding colours begins. I am playing with Raw Sienna or Yellow Ochre, also French Ultramarine or Cobalt… hum… questions, questions…

Aragula :: Roquette

I have trouble “beginning” to paint. Once I begin, it’s effortless to keep going.
— Robert Henri

Robert Henri’s quote rings true to me as I do have trouble to start painting… but once I start, I can’t stop! Are you like that too? A small exercise in testing out some colours for greens and shadows. So! How do we determine the colour of the shadows? Up to now, what I have learnt is this. You take the colour of the object, put it a bit darker and add some of its complementary colour. So for this exercise, I added some blue to my green to darken it and then added some red.

La citation de Robert Henri sonne très vraie pour moi… mais une fois que je commence, j’ai de la misère à arrêter! Êtes-vous comme moi? Un petit exercice pour tester différents tons de verts ainsi que ses ombres. Donc, comment fait-on pour déterminer la couleur de l’ombre? J’ai pris le vert et j’ai ajouté du bleu pour le foncer et aussi du rouge (son complémentaire). 

Paper: Handbook Travelogue Series, grand portrait size
Colours: Aureolin Yellow, Alizarin Crimson & Cobalt Blue
Fountain Pen: Platinum Desk Pen EF DP1000AB
Ink: Noodlers’ Lexington Grey
Location: Rigaud, Québec, Canada


Shadows :: Ombres

As the snow is melting everywhere, there are many remnants in my backyard… we still have at least 2 feet of snow on the Mountain of Rigaud and I am grappling with the idea that I want spring to arrive, fast! and wishing that these beautiful shadows that are cast on the snow could last. The quandary of the artist… these shadows I will miss… so I am painting them… and painting them… and painting them.

Shadows change hues as the temperatures change. In the deep of winter with frigid temperatures the shadows are a blue metallic — when the sun starts coming out, and the temperatures go up a bit, the shadows turn to a deep blue-violet and now, as spring is almost around the corner, the shadows have turned to a grey-lavender.

Comme la neige fond vite, il y a toujours des restes sur mon terrain… au moins 2 pieds de neige sur la montagne de Rigaud. Je suis super contente que le printemps arrive à grands pas, au plus vite possible, et le fait que mes ombres qui sont si belles sur la neige vont disparaître. Le dilemme de l’artiste… ces ombres vont me manquer, donc je les peins, et je les peins, et je les peins…

Paper: Handbook Travelogue Sketchbook
Colours: Q. Gold, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Cobalt Blue
Fountain Pen: Pilot Prera F
Ink: Noodlers’ Lexington Gray
Location: My backyard in Rigaud, Québec, Canada


Shadows :: Ombres

“Art actually happens somewhere in the space between clarity and ambiguity, concept and intuition, thought and feeling.” 
― Bert Dodson, Keys to Drawing

I have been pondering on the quality of shadows and how to paint them and one of my Belgian WordPress friends came to the rescue. She did a bit of research and found that to have an acceptable colour for the shadows, in principle we mix three colours: the darkest shadow tone of the object with its complementary and some blue. I tried it today and she is right! Yeah! I am very happy as I have been struggling with my shadow colours. Merci Christine! This apartment building stands on the rue Champlain in front of Jamunik in Valleyfield and it was a beautiful spring day today — finally starting to get warmer.

Ça fait des lunes que j’ai de la misère à trouver la bonne couleur pour mes ombres et une de mes amies WordPress de la Belgique est venue à mon secours. Pour obtenir une couleur correcte de l’ombre on mélange en principe 3 couleurs : la tonalité la plus sombre de l’objet, sa complémentaire et du bleu. Et ça l’a fonctionné Christine — merci -) Ce bloc appartements est situé sur la rue Champlain, just en face de la Librairie Jamunik à Valleyfield. C’était une superbe journée de printemps aujourd’hui — finalement le temps se réchauffe -)

Paper: Handbook Travelogue Sketchbook
Colours: Q. Gold, Q. Deep Gold, Alizarin Crimson & Cobalt Blue
Fountain Pen: Pilot Prera F
Ink: Noodlers Lexington Grey