Manhattan View :: Vue de Manhattan

This is the only painting that I was able to do in NYC. It was done from the window in our room on the 14th floor of our hotel, Pod 51. During our stay, it was mostly overcast and it rained quite a bit, but we were very happy with this situation as the sun, if it had peeked out, would have made our walking trips very hard indeed as the humidity was daunting. I finally visited the John Singer Sargent Watercolour Exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum and I was extremely touched with his 96 watercolours… all grander than the other. I was moved by it.

Voici la seule peinture que j’ai pu faire à NYC car on était tellement occupé et on a marché, marché et marché ;-) C’était tellement intéressant et j’ai vu l’exposition de John Singer Sargent… magnifique!!! J’était très émue en voyant ses 96 aquarelles,  aussi belles les unes que les autres. J’étais très émue.

Colours: Indigo, Cadmium Yellow Light, Raw Sienna, Q. Orange, Burnt Sienna & Burnt Umber
Paper:  Moleskine Watercolour
Size: 5.25″ x 8.5″