Who loves the trees best?

Who loves trees best?
I, said the spring,
Their leaves so beautiful to them I bring.
Who loves the trees best?
I, summer said,
I give them blossoms, white, yellow, red.
Who loves the trees best?
I, said the fall,
I give luscious fruits, bright tints to all!
Who loves the trees best?
I love them best, harsh winter answered,
I give them rest.
— The Pearl Story Book” by Ada. M Skinner

For two days now I have been painting under Shari‘s wonderful guidance a stillwater view of a lake.

I struggle with every painting that I do and I guess that this is part of the fun and the excitement of it all? If it were easy, would I keep at it? Would it keep me challenged enough to find it interesting? I don’t think so. I must say that I will always question my competence, as this is part of my temperament. The key to learning and improving is to keep on doing it, without taking long breaks as I am doing… with the Covid-19 situation, my life has changed a bit and underneath my apparent calmness, there is a struggle and anxiety that is there. Today and tomorrow it will be there too. So because I have not painted in a while, I felt rusty and of course I redid the same scene three times… not once, twice but three times! And talk to any artist, and they know what I am talking about.

So if you can, I would be really interested in knowing which one of these three paintings that you love best? And could you let me know? As I am very curious -) Top one is A, middle is B and lower one is C.

Stillwater A
Stillwater B
Stillwater C

Watercolours: Hansa Light, Q. Gold, Burnt Sienna, Q. Rose, Cerulean Blue, Cobalt Blue, Indanthrone (C)
Paper: Fabriano 12″x9″ CP
Reference photograph

Lake Breeze :: La brise de l’eau

Today I spent some time at my parents’ house with my dog, chatting, giving each other philosophical points of view and painting at the same time–nice! There was a wonderful breeze on the waterfront and no “bibittes”… very different from where I live — as in the forest there is no wind and alot of “bibittes”. For those of you who do not know the québécois term, “bibittes” mean flying bugs that bite or harass you.

Aujourd’hui j’ai passé du temps avec mes parents… en jasant en prenant notre lunch, e philosophant un petit peu et en peignant. Il y avait une brise douce qui venait du lac et pas de “bibittes” qui est tout à fait différent de chez moi où il n’y a jamais de vent avec beaucoup de bibittes.

Colours: French Ultramarine, News Gambodge, Raw Sienna, Burnt Umber
Paper:  Trav•e•logue series watercolor journals by Hand•book Journal Co.
Size: 8.25″ x 8.25″