Longing for Greece

It’s not what you look at that matters,
it’s what you see.

— Henry David Thoreau

What better way than to paint what you long for? This painting is vastly overdone in many places, but I am happy with it. I like the grunginess of it all. It is very characteristic of what I have seen throughout my travels in Greece. Some of my shadows are not the right colours and some are too intense. I could call myself an eager painter as I paint in haste.

Paper: Travelogue Handbook 8″x 8″
Colours: Yellow Ochre, Q. Gold, Q. Rose, Cobalt Blue, Prussian Blue, B. Sienna
Fountain Pen: Pilot Penmanship  Fountain Pen, Clear, EF Nib, Japan
Ink: Noodlers Lexington Grey (bulletproof), my favourite colour

5 thoughts on “Longing for Greece

  1. You already know I enjoy and appreciate your watercolor paintings! Brava! I just want to share that last week I had the chance to see the Sargent and Spain exhibit at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco and was so impressed by his watercolors. And the little labels said “ watercolor over graphite” on most of them. Sargent usually did a careful pencil sketch before adding watercolor. You have been exploring direct painting without underdrawing. I just want to say, “ Good enough for Sargent, good enough for you and me.” Keep it up!

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    1. Oh this is so nice of you to say! Sargent was a magnificent painter and what amazes me is that he would stop and just draw/paint whatever was in front of him. By exploring direct warercolour it just made me yearn for drawing… which I have been doing since then. Thank you sooo much-!


  2. Oh yes! Lots of emotion and skill here! Crete is one of my favourite places in the world.
    Your painting s not perfect as you are quick to point out. But, for me at least, that is not
    the point. Your painting conveys a cultural mood. It successfully puts me back in the
    Deep and abiding mood of Greece.

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    1. Oh Maureen! That is so nice of you and yes you are right, the grunginess, cleanliness of Greece too. And yes it has put me in the mood of this beautiful country and people and culture and language too.


    2. Hi Maureen — thank you for your thoufhtful comment. You are right! I have to see the emotions in my paintings instead of the faults. Thank you for this.


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