:: Fisherman’s Hut ::

You can never do too much drawing.
— Tintoretto

One of my friends Chi Mai sent me a photograph of a Fisherman’s Hut and I drew it, quite quickly, with a dip pen and some brown ink. Just feels good to stop being online and drawing a tad… now back online to continue prepping for my classes that are officially starting tomorrow.


Pen: Dip Pen
Ink: Noodler’s Ink #41 brown

2 thoughts on “:: Fisherman’s Hut ::

    1. Hi Shari — thank you! I thought that I would enjoy online teaching… but with 100 students, the computer keeps “pinging” me all day long. I will probably go a tad crazy, but I am ok and one of the perks is that I am home. Which is nice -))) Hope that you are ok too Shari.


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