:: Coloured version emojis ::

Different watercolour papers take paint differently and the new Moleskine Sketchbook which is identified as Art Plus is made for drawing, even though it takes some washes and you do not have to scrub them in as much as with the older versions of the Moleskine Sketchbooks.  It is an improved paper for watercolours, and I feel a bit nostalgic about losing the scrubby texture the older paper used to give me… hah! Things change…


Fountain Pen: Pilot Falcon SEF
Watercolours: New Gamboge DS, Q. Rose DS, Antwerp Blue W&N
Sketchbook: Moleskine Art+ Sketchbook, Large

5 thoughts on “:: Coloured version emojis ::

  1. These are a hoot, Jane. I particularly like the puffer fish. Recently I bought one of the Moleskine watercolor books. I hate the paper and long for my S&B sketchbooks. Love their covers/binding but otherwise I can’t figure out why so many use their sketchbooks.

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    1. Hi Larry — indeed the Moleskines for watercolours are terrible! But the Moleskine sketchbooks are made for drawing and the paper is the best for drawing lines… and they do take well to watercolours too. There is a huge difference between these two sketchbooks. And I love S&B for painting and the Handbook travel sketchbooks too -)))


      1. Welll Larry — as you love fountain pens, you are in for a treat. Drawing in these Moleskines is an amazing feeling… the pen glides on the paper… does not scratch and as there are no ripples on the page, the pen just flows. You should give it a try one of these days -)))


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