:: Flowing ::

— SOLD —

A canvas may be measured with inches,
but the speed with which you travel over it is regulated by the artist.
— The Art Spirit by Robert Henri

I have been swamped with correcting student projects as this week alone I corrected 175 of them on top of department meetings so my Inktober resolve has disintegrated into work-related activities… oh well… it was to be expected…

I am preparing for the Square Foot Art Exhibition taking place on Saturday November 10th in Senneville and this is one of the drawings that I will be displaying. If you feel like it, you can drop by and say hello or even buy one of the 100 paintings that will be displayed on that day by 25 artists. All for a very good cause as some of the funds are going to the Montreal Old Brewery Mission.

Paper: Fluid 100 12″ x 12″
Fountain Pen: Platinum Century 3776
Ink: De Atramantis Document Black



5 thoughts on “:: Flowing ::

  1. Jane: This painting fascinates me – it is gorgeous and so terribly difficult to execute. It is definitely the best of the very best. You should win a prize. MOM >

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    1. Thanks so much Mom — yes it was long to do and my hand was cramped in the end, but I managed to do it in one shot, and that is how I like doing things -)))


  2. Dear Jane: A drawing such as this one is beyond my wildest imagination – How you were able to achieve such perfection is beyond me. Why did we not realize that potential of yours when very young? Don’t ever give it up – it is God’s gift to you and Dorland and me. MOM >


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