:: Inktober 1 :: Poisonous ::

A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work,” wrote E.B. White, “will die without putting a word on paper.

The same can be said for all artists I guess, and I know that for painters the above quote rings very true! This is the first day of October, thus my first post for #Inktober2018. Everything was done with ink, except for the red, which was done in watercolour!

Here in Québec it was the provincial election day and when I went to vote this morning I saw all kinds of things happening. A man before me stayed at least 10 minutes in his stall… he seemed to be wondering who to vote for (I think that for this election, many people felt like him). Then the woman following him forgot to put her ballot in the box and the election officers were running after her to remind her. My ballot stayed stuck in the slot so I had to push it 3 times for it to enter!!! Anyway, I did my civic duty and I am hoping for the best even though I am pretty sure that I will again lose my elections… as I have several times in my life -)))

Paper: Moleskine Japanese Album
Inks: Dr. Ph. Martin’s Pen-White & Black Star matte
Pens: Dip pen, watercolour brush & Pilot Falcon SEF


Here is the Inktober 2018 prompt list, if you are interested in joining -)))

Inktober 2018


7 thoughts on “:: Inktober 1 :: Poisonous ::

  1. Nice Painting, the dice really adds a lot of interest and the red watercolour makes it pop. I was watching on the news about the Quebec Election. I heard the CPQ got in. I’m not really sure what they stand for. Here in Ontario Dug Ford seems to be wrecking our democracy, but at least he is not as bad as Trump.

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    1. Hi Shawn — yes the CAQ and they are right of centre… this seems to be in vogue at the moment. I really think though that the people were just sick of the Liberals and ousted them. Thanks for the nice comment -)))


  2. Dear Jane: I must say that you write and paint beautifully – what talent God has given you. Yes, I went to vote and I pray that whatever the outcome, our life here in Quebec will remain the same, safe and beautiful. MOM >

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