:: Books on painting ::

Cast shadows provide an object with roots and stability and keep it from floating in midair. They are an important structural unit. They help describe the surface the object rests on.
— David A. Leffel

I have not been painting that much this summer, but I have been reading alot — actually tons of watercolour & oil painting books that my friend Linda Denis kindly gave me. Two of the books that have retained my attention on a daily basis are these:

  1. The Art of Watercolor, revised edition by Charles Le Clair which is an exceptional book as it is a handbook offering a comprehensive course of study you would find at university level, it features the works of contemporary and historic masters, it offers how-to techniques and combines studio information with art-historical comment. Wow!
  2. Oil Painting Secrets from a Master “David A. Leffel” by Linda Cateura. This book is like following a workshop with the master David A. Leffel for one whole year and he is right behind you guiding you. It is incredible!!!

So the painting that I did is of Mount Royal which is in the middle of Montreal and you can see the skyscrapers at a distance on the left. I was practicing my skies and then decided to add the mountain for visual impact. Today I used the last page of my Travelogue Sketchbook and I am filing it away… it has been part of another chapter in my life -)

Travelogue Sketchbook 8″x8″
Watercolours: Cerulean, Ultramarine, Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna


2 thoughts on “:: Books on painting ::

    1. I have never painted St. Joseph’s Oratory — I guess that I’m scared to do it! Maybe when I’m 80 years old I’ll be up for the challenge? LOL -)))


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