:: Flat Wash ::

All is lovely outside my house and inside my house and myself.
— Winslow Homer

I decided to play with flat washes today and here I went… but how could I just put in a sky and not put in a beautiful Montreal skyline at the bottom? So I took a picture from the internet, and drew it in rapidly.

For the flat wash I worked on an inclined surface to let the watercolours run downward and used the biggest brush that I could handle and tried keeping a juicy mixture of paints… I find that the colours are a bit too dark for the sky and a bit too even too — I should have put different colours of paints… next time! I began at the top and tried to let each stroke settle before continuing to let the bead settle. I did horizontal strokes but realize now that I should have used a zigzag approach to break the linear lines and avoid a striped effect. No matter, it did not take me too much time and this is the excuse to try and start painting more as I neglected my paints this summer… life sometimes just has to do its own thing, huh?


4 thoughts on “:: Flat Wash ::

  1. I think this is awesome..love the simplicity of the buildings and the wonderful lights on the sides of the buildings!

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  2. Jane: I believe that you are too hard on yourself. You do excellent work and Dorland and I are so proud of you and your talent. MOM >

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    1. Hi Mom — yes you are right as I am very critical — but I’d rather be critical than a
      Schmoozer — LOL hah-ahhhhhhhh!!! Thank you for your comments as I really do appreciate them!


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