:: Stewart Hall ::

 “When love and skill work together
— expect a masterpiece.”
(John Ruskin)

Another lovely day and a wonderful event was held today at Stewart Hall in Pte. Claire. The organizers do a very fine job and we are very grateful to them. We were about 30 Montreal Urban Sketchers working frenetically at timeshaving to deal with the strong winds gusting from Lake St. Louisand the minute that we would deposit our paints on the paper, they were already dry. Working in plein-air certainly has its challenges and its rewards.


4 thoughts on “:: Stewart Hall ::

    1. Thank you Shawn — the washes dried up as soon as they touched the paper as it was very windy yesterday — and it was nice being outdoors -)


  1. Hi Jane,
    The disease that affected our ´sorbier des oiseaux’ is called
    Brulures bactériennes. It also affects apple treas etc.
    It was nice talking with you today. See you soon.
    Regards !



    1. Hi Ghislaine — oooh! That is it, huh? Such a sad thing to see a tree perish…. luckily you have more -))) It was very nice meeting with you today too! I enjoyed my day.


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