:: Rainy Day ::

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”
— Plato

As today in Rigaud it is a rainy, cold day the idea of going out for sketching is not very appealing and looking at my calendar, I realized that I have not posted for a very long while as a few weeks ago I was inundated with school work, then caught a cold which developed into bronchitis and now, finally, I am slowly coming back to my old self. When I have not painted or drawn in awhile I always feel “rusty” and today I decided to draw, which is my very first love. The sense that drawing gives me is always one of well being and of a certain accomplishment.

Sketchbook: Moleskine 5″x8″
Fountain Pen: Platinum Desk Pen EF DP1000AB
Ink: De Atramentis Document Black Ink
Location: Rigaud, Québec, Canada


6 thoughts on “:: Rainy Day ::

  1. Jane: Yes, indeed, you do wonderful work. The delicate work involved must be extremely difficult to execute. It surely takes patience and a love of painting. Keep it up, it is a gift that is truly precious. MOM >


    1. Hi Mom,

      Thank you for your comment!
      I have not painted in 6 weeks, due to circumstances out of my control, and I missed it.
      So glad to be back on track!

      Next Friday can you cancel your lunch? I would pick you up at 11:45 to bring you to have lunch with someone special -)))
      Let me know if that is ok!



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