:: Roma Pizza Restaurant ::

“I asked him for some of the money I need to continue my work.
He told me to come around on Monday.
I went on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and there was no money.
On Friday someone else came to the door and threw me out.
I’m discouraged about getting paid for this job.”

— Michelangelo on May 12, 1506 to a friend — LINK

On Friday between two appointments I was in St-Lazare and was parked right in front of this restaurant… what better opportunity to draw this cute little restaurant? So I drew and inked it on location, but painted it in today. Today was a beautiful spring-like day even though the temperatures were cold at -16C and we still have tons of snow at my house… no asphalt to be seen around here. But the sun was glorious and warm so all is good.

Paper: Travelogue Sketchbook 8″ x 8″ spread
Watercolours: New Gamboge, Pyrrol Crimson, B. Sienna & Cobalt Blue
Location: St-Lazare, Québec, Canada


5 thoughts on “:: Roma Pizza Restaurant ::

    1. Hi Angela — that is so nice of you! Well 2 weeks ago I was very busy with work, and for the past 2 weeks I have been sick. Now I have bronchitis…. argh! I should be back on my feet for next week, I hope. My energy levels are very low at the moment and I am optimistic that I will get through this and be in shape to paint very soon. I miss my posts too — LOL -).


  1. Jane” This drawing of yours is absolutely wonderful – the time it takes to draw such a complicated design denotes the patience of a true artist. Don’t ever give up drawing – it is a rare gift that God gave you. MOM >


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