:: Icarus ::

We are at the centre of the galaxy only in our own minds.
The Book of Life

Well as you can see I have gone over the week limit and have not been able to obtain the magic number of 100 people… however, I did get 65 in total! How did I get that? Well it feels as though I cheated today, but I have been developing an idea that might take form later on in my life and I told myself why not have some fun? So here is an imaginary scene with imaginary people. Hope that you like it.

Even though this week was March Break, for me it was a fair amount of work. Amidst correcting students that handed their projects on time, waiting for those who handed them late… argh… or not at all (what is happening with my first years?), preparing for some new projects, preparing exams, I was much busier that I had hoped for. So March Break should perhaps be called “Work week” for teachers. I was thankful though to have this week to stay at home and catch up with everything that I had to do without being disturbed… very pleasurable nonetheless.

Paper: Bockingford 30″x 22″ folded 7.5″ x 5.5″
Fountain Pen: Pilot Falcon SEF with De Atramentis Document Black Ink