:: Silver teapot ::

Je te promets le sel au baiser de ma bouche
Je te promets le miel à ma main qui te touche
Je te promets le ciel au dessus de ta couche
Des fleurs et des dentelles pour que tes nuits soient douces
— Johnny Halliday

In France the musical idol Johnny Halliday, the French Elvis, has just vanished and his words were tender and the country is in mourning.

I have sent my marks to the students so now I can start enjoying my time off. What better way than to draw one of my Mum’s beautiful silver teapots? It has a grungy look as I drew this last night while watching TV and my husband kept saying to me: “Look Jane, you’re going to miss out on what is happening…” and lo and behold, I have no clue as to what the TV show was about — LOL -) He was right, but I was concentrating on the beautiful reflected lights of the teapot!

Paper: Travelogue Sketchbook 8″x8″ #22
Watercolours: DS Q. Gold, MG Mineral Violet & MG Ultramarine
Fountain Pen: Platinum Carbon Desk
Ink: DeAtramentis Document Black Ink
Location: Rigaud, Québec, Canada
#teapot, #watercolours, #drawing, #sketchbook, #ink, #PlatinumCarbon, #DeAtramentis


6 thoughts on “:: Silver teapot ::

  1. Dear Jane: Thank you so much for painting this truly beautiful teapot. I imagine that it was most difficult to do – it is so perfect and it means so very much to me. MOM >


  2. Darn, forgot to ask that caused me to write in the first place. How do you like the MG paints. Do they really stay softer in a pan and, if so, could that become a problem on a hot summer day?


    1. The MG paints are very moist and in the summer months or in warmer climes style Costa Rica, they bleed out of the paintbox — I do use some MG, especially for my yellow, as I find that it has the truest yellow (not too much on the green side nor on the orange side).


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