:: Inktober 14 Fierce ::

The scariest moment is always just before you start.
— Stephen King

For the #Inktober2017 Fierce theme today my thoughts went to a giant tsunami wave and then was inspired by Katsushika Hokusai’s beautiful iconic wave. This tsunami is hovering over skyscrapers, waiting to crash down on them… geez! I am having some very positive thoughts aren’t I?



11 thoughts on “:: Inktober 14 Fierce ::

  1. Jane; I do believe that this piece of work is your very finest. The details are incredible and seem so very difficult to execute. You sure have talent – Dorland is also pleased with your word and talent. MOM >

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  2. Jane: I find that this work of yours is probably one of your finest. It is perfectly done and certainly not easily. I love this and don’t ever give up on your quality as artist. Dorland who views it from above is equally pleased. MOM >

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    1. Thank you Holly! I am working at it though as until I sit down to draw, I am clueless. What helps me is to look at the definition of the theme and then go from there… I actually had no idea that I could do this -))) Kind of cool -)))

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