:: Friendships ::

A friend is not to be found in the world such as one can conceive of, such as one needs, for no human being unites so many of the attributes of God as we feel our nature requires…. We have therefore a circle whom we call friends, giving a name to the whole, which perhaps in its singular occupation might be used for the combination. Out of the whole circle we may make up a single friend. We love them all but we love the union of all better.
— Maria Mitchell from Brain Pickings

This weekend I went to the funeral of a friend that died in a car accident — none of this his fault and of his better half of 43 years, Monique. He died instantly and she made it safe & sound physically, the mental challenges will take awhile. You wonder then about what friendship means and in hindsight, I have to say that he was a true gentleman! He was somewhat of an introvert, intelligent, curious and respectful. I remember at some point when I was perhaps 19 years old I had drunk too much alcohol at an open-air concert and I had fallen asleep on the grass. He stayed next to me through the whole time, accompanying me when I had to go to the toilet, again when I was wondering what time it was. He stayed next to me, making sure that I would be ok. Thank you Jacques for caring!

When I found out that he had died I was waiting at Gatwick Airport for our plane and time expanded in a second and then collapsed in the following second. Every time that we had met over the years, for parties, for supper, for a swim or just walking on the street, these memories came charging back at me. These memories expanded and punched me in the gut. I could see all of them through some warped timeline. The last one was very sad. Will miss you…

Paper: Moleskine Sketchbook
Colours: Q. Gold, B. Sienna, Pyrrol Crimson & Indanthrone Blue
Location: Looking out of the window at my house in Rigaud, Québec, Canada


3 thoughts on “:: Friendships ::

  1. Dear Jane,
    i know, i am so sorry for your loss. You have brought tears to my eyes with your words and painting. i hope you can gather all the love and the kindness he showed you and carry them forward in your own life, in your own way-but you’ll always miss him.
    Take care,


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