:: Weekend of prepping ::

— SOLD —
In proportion to his force,
the artist will find in his work an outlet for his proper character.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Art”

A weekend of prepping courses, drawings & paintings for a future show in November which I will talk about at a later date, prepping my watercolour paraphernalia in order to be ready for tomorrow’s Montreal Urban Sketching meet-up and finally trying to prepare some relaxing time too!

The semester started with a bang, and I was quite exhausted by the end of the week. Young people have tons of energy and start fidgeting if you do not keep them challenged/entertained… Challenging students while helping the ones that are struggling — quite a feat I must admit and I easily get energized out.

What I have noticed is that drawing or painting boosts my energy levels and gives me a sense a satisfaction like nothing else can.This took me about four hours to complete, as I had to stop several times as my hand was crisping — LOL -) I feel so bloody satisfied once a drawing or painting has been accomplished, it is an incredible feeling… and for the feeling to endure, I must be satisfied with my art. So today I am satisfied.

Paper: Fluid 100, 12″ x 12″
Fountain Pen: Platinum 3776 Century EF
Ink: De Atramantis Document Black Ink


6 thoughts on “:: Weekend of prepping ::

  1. Dear Jane;

    This drawing is perhaps one of your most gorgeous….done brilliantly and (with patience) f yes. Your text is equally well done and most interesting to read. You have great talent, Jane , and I thank the Lord to have given me the chance to see your works – don’t ever stop. MOM >

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