:: The lopsided pine ::

La Barre and other Musicians
9 May 1663.
At Mr Jarvas’s my old barber, I did try two or three borders and periwigs, meaning to wear one, and yet I have no stomach for it, but the pains of keeping my hair clean is so great. He trimmed me, and at last I parted, but my mind was almost altered from my first purpose, from the trouble that I foresee will be in wearing them also.

I have been reading a booklet entitled: Costume in Art by the National Gallery in London and the themes are quite funny sometimes as you can read in the above two paragraphs. Every century has its own moments of pain…

Met up with two of my sketching friends, Mai & Linda at my Cegep today. The weather was gorgeous and the friendship too! I was also glad to give a tour of my beautiful campus and in the afternoon we moved on to the McGill part of the campus to sketch some farm silos. Had a nice day.

Paper: Hand•book Field watercolour journal
Colours: Q. Gold, B. Sienna, B. Umber & Ultramarine
Location: Cégep John Abbott College, Québec, Canada


6 thoughts on “:: The lopsided pine ::

  1. Thanks a lot for the very pleasant “orientation” Day in your campus, we should renew it some other day, right Linda?


    1. Yes, let us go on a rainy or snowy day and sketch Inside the new Leed building..beautiful reflections on the walls of the old buildings, nice view to a green space, or an interior quite serene. As said, so nice someone is investing in our kids education, starting with an efficient clean space.

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  2. Hi Linda — it was nice to paint with tou today! BTW I went on your blog today and I could not comment as I wanted to let you know that the painting in Pointe de l’Ile was fabulous? Goood job!


    1. It would be nice to have your comment. Give it a try as I believe it is now fixed.
      We missed you at the Lachine Rapids in Lasalle, yesterday. The water is very high in the St Lawerence River so the island was closed but I sketched the skyline and bridge from the park entrance. A beautiful city Montréal…. we are the lucky ones.


  3. Thanks Jane for your walk and talk about John Abbott College today. It nice to know our education system is fairing so well with staff and campus.
    Thanks for organizing our rendez-vous to sketch. It is a pleasure to pass time with you and Chi Mai

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