:: Sandy Beach, Hudson ::

There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.
― George Carlin

Like every Tuesday during the summer about 10 plein air artists gathered at Sandy Beach today. No one was talking and everyone was concentrating on their artwork when the skies opened up and it started raining. Not for too long though, so we were saved and could continue later on. The joys of plein air painting. It was surprising to see how much the beach has receded because of the high water level.

I am still on my summer quest to paint with no ink lines and I am trudging on! For this painting I started painting the sky, then the lake and then finished with the mountains. For the sky colour I used Cerulean Blue Chromium mixed with some Raw Sienna and Q. Rose. For the lake I added Burnt Sienna as it was greyer than the sky. I will have to practice my water as it is not looking up to par. I am quite happy with my skies and the constant practice that I have been doing this past week is paying off.

Paper: Handbook Field Watercolour Journal
Colours: N. Gambodge, Q. Gold, Q. Rose, Raw Sienna, B. Sienna, Cerulean Blue Chromium and Cobalt Blue.
Location: Sandy Beach, Hudson, Québec, Canada


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