:: Rigaud Mountain in summer ::

What has roots that nobody sees and is taller than trees?
Up, up, up it goes, and yet never grows.
— JRR Tolkien

We had beautiful day, 21C with the sun shining on the plain and on the mountain… and almost no clouds. A blue sky I have not seen in awhile so I was quite happy to paint it today. One of my greatest difficulties is painting without any ink lines… I love drawing, especially with a fountain pen and to me to let go of that fine tool is scary! So I mustered my courage again and started painting my mountain in Rigaud. Well the first painting was quite overdone as I seem to want to compensate with the colour saturation due to the lack of ink lines -))) My second one is better even though overworked and most colours are too strong, but heck it is presentable.

Paper: Saunders Waterford CP 12″x12″
Location: Rigaud West, 4 km from the Ontario border.


8 thoughts on “:: Rigaud Mountain in summer ::

  1. Very nice- l especially like the soft sky and the edge of the golden foothill sliding up against the dark green of the summit.
    Incidentally I went to the Montreal Botanical Garden sketching session but could not find you. Did you go?


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    1. Omg Holly! You went and I did not? I can’t believe it… so sorry to have missed you but at my house the weather was lousy… oooh I am so mad that I missed you… -(

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      1. Hey! I had a blast getting myself in and out of Montreal-I definitely feel an accomplishment in that-and I thoroughly enjoyed sketching in the garden and meeting some of the group. I’ll come again when i can and hope to see you then.

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      2. Let me know Holly right before if tou come so that I make sure that I am there… btw, I am organizing the August and September outings -))) So it is certain that I will be there!

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