:: Heritage Montreal Day & USK:Mtl ::

You can’t do sketches enough. Sketch everything and keep your curiosity fresh.
— John Singer Sargent

Today was a big day as Heritage Montreal was co-hosting with the Montreal Urban Sketchers in Old Montreal and there were many things that were organized. A morning sketchout, a monument and buildings heritage tour, one in English and one in French, an Urban Sketchers how-to workshop on how-to draw on location, co-hosted by myself, Susan Cooke and Raynald Murphy for the English group. It was wonderful and everyone there seemed quite happy as I had to rush out as my husband was waiting for me back home for a small commemorative supper. This was a long day, but I am happy to have done it! The next outing is on Sunday June 25th at the Montreal Botanical Gardens.



5 thoughts on “:: Heritage Montreal Day & USK:Mtl ::

  1. Hi, Jane Hannah, I found your blog via searching for Koosje Koene’s visit to Montréal, and am enjoying reading your entries. One question related to the sketch here, are you using masking fluid to preserve the white flecks in your watercolor images? Thanks.

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    1. Hi lkeyes — I never use masking fluid as I find that it shows — however many watercolorists use it. I must be old school -))) When you have highlights, that is when you omit to paint. Hope this helps!


    1. Holly — that would be so wonderful if we could meet up? I would love to meet you “live” — hope that you can make it, and let me know beforehand so that we can try and meetup together -)))

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