:: Throwing clay ::

Sensory perception is the silken web that binds our separate nervous systems into the encompassing ecosystem.
— David Abram

We went to a pottery workshop today and it was very very nice! I had never “thrown” clay before, and it was very interesting. I woke up this morning at 6:15 am to wash, make coffee with my Corning percolator (which exploded on the gas burner, which I never figured out why) and left for 7:15 am to pick up my very good friend Hélène at her house and then drive off to Hemmingford for Ronald Pothier Potier’s Workshop that was starting at 9:00 am. He gave us a course on the history of clay vs pottery, how it is found in nature, gave us several demos on how to make balls and center our pieces in order to create something. I went in this workshop just wishing to learn the process with the result being secondary… even tertiary. To close one’s eyes and just try to centre the piece was worthy of a whole month’s work… just centering the piece gave me an immense sense of satisfaction. I knew though that I needed to try and create something in the short time frame. Throwing is difficult as it is physically demanding in the sense that wishing a piece to go upwards is very different than just letting a piece go up…? By the end of the 6th piece, it just happened. Easily, without physicality and the piece created itself… and me, sitting there… looking at its form emerge, just tweaking it the way that I thought that it wanted it to go… and it was a piece! I think that I created a candle holder -)))

What I cannot get over is the fact that I did not take any pictures whatsoever of the beautiful space, place, pieces and people. How could I have forgotten to do that? So instead of showing you one of my pieces, I just did a quick sketch of my husband watching TV and he just turned into a woman’s profile. I do have problems with profiles — haha! — I must be tired -)))


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