:: David Bowie’s flowers ::

I had to resign myself, many years ago, that I’m not too articulate when it comes to explaining how I feel about things. But my music does it for me, it really does.
— David Bowie

These flowers are for David Bowie and one of his songs that reached out to me the most was Life on Mars. 

Did you know that tomorrow we will have gained 20 minutes of sunlight since December 21? Perhaps that is why I am painting flowers… hum.  It has been a very mild winter up to now and thankfully everything is still deep in snow in my neck of the woods as there was less rain here than in Montreal. I am still following Reid’s videos and having fun doing so and as I am a very detailed-oriented type of person, he is loosening me up. Don’t get me wrong, I am really struggling with less details as sometimes I get totally lost in my painting… can’t figure out what is what anymore and I just go “what the heck” and trudge on, so you can see that for some flowers I was really really lost. Luckily the song “Life on Mars” was accompanying my lost sensation -) I am really learning and I feel that I have to hurry and do as much as I can for now as school is starting next week and this week meetings galore so I will not have as much time to paint. This coming Saturday I am going to a pottery workshop given by Ronald Pothier with my friend Hélène and it should be very interesting especially that it will be a first for me!

Paper: Arches CP 6″ x 9″
Colours: Aureolin Yellow, Alizarin Crimson, Deep Sap Green, French Ultramarine
Location: Rigaud, Québec, Canada

Watercolor flowers in a vase
Watercolor flowers in a vase

8 thoughts on “:: David Bowie’s flowers ::

  1. C’était avec Charles Reid que j’ai appris à peindre les fleurs et les portraits. Après, c’était avec Zbukvic pour les paysages… Tu es sur la bonne voie pour peindre les fleurs, Jane! :)


    1. Allô Mai — à chaque fois que j’écoute le dvd de Reid je pense à toi la belle! Oui il est vraiment vraiment bon, par sa lenteur et son exactitude dans son info. Et peut-être qu’à un moment donné ça sera Zbukvic itou -)))


  2. I was hoping to see him in concert again because of his new album. I could barely believe it when I heard of his death. What a strange man; what a phenomenal artistic soul. He would have loved your flowers.


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