:: Contour drawing ::

The only way to have a friend is to be one. — Ralph Waldo Emerson I bought Charles Reid’s DVD (downloadable) on painting flowers and he shows us his method of drawing with connecting dots without lifting the pencil, very very slowly. Here is the LINK if you are interested. The first image was a practice one for me and the second one I will be painting it in tomorrow. You will notice that in this contour drawing, when there is a shadow it does not delimit the edge of the vase to the shadow…. it becomes one big shape. And the shadows are all drawn in (something to remember for me). In the end, I find that the thickness of my lead pencil 4B is too thick and I should have used either a 1B or a regular HB… for next time -) We will see the result tomorrow… I was so glad not to be teaching today as I prepped for two of my classes and finally got two course outlines down pat and ready for my review tomorrow. I have promised myself that for the coming 2016 year not to worry about my painting/drawing works, if they are good or bad, worthy or not, saleable or not, frameable or not… none of that! I intend to enjoy the fact that I can paint and that I will paint, rain or draught, sun or overcast, plein air or in my car, in my kitchen studio or in the living room, I just will.

Vase contour drawing in pencil
Contour drawing
Contour drawing in pencil of flowers
Flower pencil drawing

2 thoughts on “:: Contour drawing ::

  1. love these and looking forward to seeing how they turn out tomorrow…great inspiration…thanks


    1. I can’t wait Stacey — so neat to see him work slowly — I find that most artists on videos work too fast and it is difficult to see what they are actually doing — he does it really well -)))


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