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A nursery rhyme offers us a clue:
“One for sorrow / Two for joy / Three for a girl / Four for a boy / Five for silver / Six for gold / Seven for a secret / Never to be told.” What do these mountains and skies know that they are not telling us?

My holidays are drawing to a close as on Monday I have to start prepping for all of my “new” courses for the Fall 2015 semester. It was a very nice summer, even though it went too fast. For the following weeks my schedule will be more conducive to having a daily meeting with my sketchbook and paints, so I am happy for that. For this painting I decided to paint the skies so I kept just a small portion of land and a huge portion of the paper for the skies, as the skies have been beautiful all summer long. We had a very rainy summer and with rain, comes the big beautiful clouds that accompany them. The top painting has about 80% of skies while the second painting has a bit less… is there one that you prefer, and why?

Paper: Travelogue Handbook
Location: Rigaud, Quebec, Canada