:: Patara Beach ::

During my travels to Turkey I had some troubles uploading paintings… so here is one that did not upload…

The temperatures here in Kalkan are 35C and with the humidex levels probably over 40C between noon and 5:000 pm. In Québécois there is a saying for this: “Un soleil de plomb”.  So we went to the beach today and it was totally wonderful! Patara Beach is 18 km wide with mountains backstaging it on three sides, and it has a beautiful sandy beach without one little tiny rock. A feat in itself -) It is 18 km northwest of Kalkan and we took a dolmus (minibus) to get there — cost $1.50 Cdn each — which is nothing (like everything else in Turkey).

The picture that I took with my iPhone does not render the colours correctly but at least you can imagine, a bit, what it looks like. I am slowly adjusting to the weather in Turkey when painting…. I painted a scene three times today before giving up on it. I do not know if it is the breeze that was blowing a bit and drying my paints a tad too fast, or the water that affects the watercolour or that my paper is reacting in a different way to my brush. Anyway painting watercolours is always a new experience, and today was not any different!

Thank you for reading -)

Sapristi que la Turquie est belle — Guy et moi sommes en amour avec! Nous avons passé la journée à Patara Beach et elle est magnifique! Il y avait une belle brise pour apaiser de la chaleur intense, la mer était fraîche, le sable superbe sans petits cailloux. Comme je n’ai pas de numériseur, je dois prendre une photo avec mon Iphone donc les couleurs de ma peinture ne sont pas bien rendues. Mais ça vous donne un aperçu de la beauté de la place.

Merci de lire -)

Paper: Pentalic Sketchbook :: Colours: Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna, Cobalt Teal, Cobalt Blue :: Location: Patara Beach, Turkey.


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