Ephesus is grandiose… that is the word. Nothing more, nothing less. This painting was really nice to create as I had tons of people looking over my shoulder commenting and letting me paint. Mose of them were Italians and Chinese and that is the wonder of being an Urban Sketcher. Not painting in a studio, but painting in plein-air, with the wind for company, or the rain, or people! I used a large petit gris mop for this painting and did not use a small brush… I am trying to steer away from adding in too much detail with small brushes. Large washes are the way to go for me, for now -)

Éphèse! Quel site magnifique. La magie des Urban Sketchers s’est manifestée hier pendant que je peignais cette peinture car il y avait beaucoup de personnes qui regardaient par-dessus mon épaule et me laissait peindre. Des italiens, des chinois. Je me suis restreinte et je nai utilisé qu’un petit-gris comme pinceau car je m’éloigne des petits pinceaux car je veux créer de grands lavis -)

Paper: Pentalic Sketchbook /// Colours: Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna, Maroon Perylene and French Ultramarine // Ephesus, Turkey


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