:: JAC ::

Because watercolor actually moves on the paper, it is the most active of all mediums, almost a performance art.
— Nita Engle

Here is my beautiful John Abbott College campus on the West Island in Montreal. I had drawn the painting on site, and painted it today from my house and I overworked it… the watercolours are not fresh enough… but still, I am happy with it. You know that you are overworking a painting when you spend too much time going over and over and over…. I should have stopped when it was still fresh. This is a common enough lament from watercolour painters from all over the world… this is one of the most difficult tasks to learn when you are painting. Stop! When the paints are still fresh.

En aquarelle une des leçons que l’on réapprend très souvent est d’arrêter avant de trop travailler la peinture…. et c’est ce que j’ai fait aujourd’hui. J’aurais dû arrêter, mais j’ai continué et mes couleurs ne sont plus fraîches… mais c’est pas grave car j’ai apprend une leçon aujourd’hui! Stop! Quand c’est le temps -)

Paper: Saunders Waterford CP 9″x12″
Colours: Aureolin Yellow, New Gambodge, Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna, Perylne Maroon and Mayan Blue
Fountain pen: Pilot Prera F
Ink: Noodlers Lexington Grey
Location: Ste. Anne de Bellevue, Québec, Canada20150528_JAC


About Jane Hannah

Canadian graphic artist, painter, sketcher, typographer, calligrapher and teacher at Cégep John Abbott College in Québec, Canada. Jane Hannah also has a website for her students at www.gimligraphics.com and a main blog at www.janehannah.com. She is also part of the Montreal Urban Sketchers.
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6 Responses to :: JAC ::

  1. judy seaman says:

    I adore the close~up leaves and paint spatters


  2. Joan says:

    I like it just as it is, the composition, the watercolours, the solitary person.


  3. Jane, I think it’s just right, not overworked at all. We are often our own worse critics. The colours are saturated and beautiful.


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