Colour Preparation :: Preparation des couleurs

The daily small painting, a small resource and time commitment, is an exercise in absolute focus for that time period. It’s like a meditation, really. (Gaye Adams)

I am in preparation mode for a few things, such as a trip to Turkey and two Art Shows. I have not cleaned my colour palette in a very long time and I am in the process of choosing which colours that I will be bringing with me in the warm climes of Turkey, and also the soon to be warmer climes here in Quebec. Did you know that presently it is 3C in Rigaud? So bloody chilly! Anyway, to get back to my story, I decided to lay out all of my colour tubes and map them out by colour categories…. the three primary colours of course, earth tones, greens, quinachridones and various shades of white to black… neutral tones. So here it is and the names have all been written down as well as the company that holdes them. When I decide to choose my colours for my trip, they will all be in front of me thus making it easier to choose.

If you feel like joining me this Sunday we will be meeting at Maison Smith on Mount Royal in Montreal for the Sketching a Mountain Event -)

I am also testing out a new bluetooth keyboard that attaches to my iPhone 6+ and up to now it is working very well…. except for the French accents, all is fine. It is an iKross with folding stand a grand total of $24.

Je suis en train de preparer plusieurs evenements en meme temps, dont un voyage en Turquie et deux expositions de peinture donc j’ai beaucoup de boulot a faire, en plus de finaliser tous mes cours. Comme vous avez certainement remarque, je ne trouve pas mes accents francais… donc sans accents va suffire pour le moment.  Si ca vous tente vous pouvez vous joindre a moi pour dessiner/peindre sur le Mont-Royal dimanche qui s’en vient. Rendez-vous a 10h00 a la Maison Smith.