:: Zombie Rocker :: Chaise Zombie ::

If I could pick the menu,
I’d choose a tasty appetizer of Hendrix pituitary,
& a huge salad covered with Joplin cortex.
Plant’s gray matter for the main course,
sides of Jagger & Morrison stems,
along with a bottle of Springsteen spinal fluid.
I’d definitely have to order
an ample sweet-portion
of Daltrey thalamus
& sprinkle it with some Cobain lobes.
A shot of John’s cranium
with a nightcap of Townsend cerebellum
would surely hit the spot.
— Jonny Angel, 2014

I met up with the Hudson Artists this morning to draw with a live model. We did 3 x 5 minute poses, then 1 x 20 minute pose and then a 40 minute pose. It was a very good morning of drawing with kind-hearted people. Came back home and I was not completely satisfied with my work so I sat down and painted a teacup, which I scrapped, and then in desperation I thought of the old rocker that we have in the basement, and voilà! Some days it just takes many tries to get one good one. This drawing uses only vertical and horizontal lines… mostly -).

Ce matin j’ai rencontré les artistes de Hudson pour dessiner un modèle vivant. Nous avons dessiné 3 poses de 5 minutes, 1 pose de 20 minutes et une pose finale de 40 minutes. À la fin  je n’étais pas satisfaite du résultat donc quand je suis revenue chez moi, j’ai dessiné une tasse de thé… que j’ai scrappée… et heureusement, je me suis souvenue de la vieille chaise berçante au sous-sol. Yeah!

Paper: Moleskine Sketchbook
Fountain Pen: Platinum Desk Pen EF DP1000AB
Location: Rigaud, Québec, Canada


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