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The robins sing with a will now. What a burst of melody! It gurgles out of all conduits now; they are choked with it. There is such a tide and rush of song as when a river is straightened between two rocky walls. It seems as if the morning throat was not large enough to emit all this sound.
— Thoreau’s Journal, April 16, 1856

Throughout this week I’ve come home from school to hurl myself at making dinner than going to various meetings. On top of that, my work schedule has conspired against me as it has been adding on so many hours of correcting and preparing that the painter in me, has not painted for awhile now. Wednesday night at the AHA meeting in Hudson, I met up with a fellow sketcher and she invited me to draw/paint/sketch a live model session at her house that takes place on Friday mornings…. so this morning was delightful — delightful because it took me away from the daunting task of correcting 56 students — and delightful because we were six artists modelling for each other (which was  a first for moi) and was just a very pleasant and productive meet-up. We drew 4 x 3 minute sessions followed by 4 x 20 minute session. I am so lucky to share these moments with other like-minded people. Thank you!

Toute la semaine j’étais bien occupée avec maintes réunions et décisions à prendre… en plus d’avoir des tonnes de corrections à faire cette fin de semaine. Mercredi soir à la réunion AHA, une femme m’a invitée à me joindre à leur session de modèle vivant qui se tient à tous les vendredis matins à sa résidence. Donc ce matin était un matin fort agréable — agréable à cause que je n’étais pas en train de corriger ou de préparer mes cours — et agréable car nous étions six personnes à jouer au modèle vivant en jasant et dessinant en même temps. Je suis tellement chanceuse de vivre dans ce coin et de rencontrer ces belles personnes. Merci!

Paper: Moleskine Sketchbook 5″ x 8″
Pencil: 2B
Location: Hudson, Québec, Canada


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