:: Leonardo Da Vinci ::

An action by means of which one man,
having experienced a feeling, intentionally transmits it to others.

— Tolstoy

You do not see me often draw with a lead pencil and as I was perusing the excellent book The Practice & Science of Drawing by Harold Speed I fell upon an image drawn in lead by Leonardo Da Vinci… and I studied it, and looked at it, sideways, upside down, with a low light, with a bright light, mornings and at night and I was amazed at how such a simple drawing could be so wonderful. So I told myself that I had better learn from him, and what better of learning than by doing? Leonardo’s drawing hangs in the Royal Collection at Windsor, for those of you who live who are lucky enough to live close by. One of my future plans will be to go and visit this collection.

Vous me voyez rarement dessiner à la mine et en lisant le livre “The Practice & Science of Drawing” j’ai vu ce magnifique dessin de Léonard Da Vinci qui est si simple, si majestueux. Je l’ai examiné le matin, l’après-midi, le soir, avec toutes les lumières allumées, avec peu de lumière, de côté, à l’envers et m’exclamant sur la simplicité et la beauté de son trait. Et je me suis dit de que pourrais-je apprendre que du maître? Et voilà que j’ai décidé de faire un essai de ce dessin qui réside dans la Collection Royale à Windsor, pour ceux qui sont assez chanceux d’y vivre près. Bon! Là je dois aussi aller voir cette collection. 



About Jane Hannah

Canadian graphic artist, painter, sketcher, typographer, calligrapher and teacher at Cégep John Abbott College in Québec, Canada. Jane Hannah also has a website for her students at www.gimligraphics.com and a main blog at www.janehannah.com. She is also part of the Montreal Urban Sketchers.
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