You :: Toi

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
Oscar Wilde

Today is considered The Light of Lohri Day, a holiday celebrated by Buddhist, Hindu and Sikh people. Since the events that happened at Charlie Hebdo in France, I have been looking at the art that caricaturists do and what their lives entail… and many of these artists lead dangerous lives, specifically the political artists. This has given me the urge to get my people sketching up to par… and what better way than to study other famous artists and try to figure out how they do it and emulate wha they do. I used a dip pen to create this drawing with manga ink. So this is from my favourite caricature artist — Boligan!

Depuis les événements d’Hebdo Charly en France, je me suis attardée à regarder bien des oeuvres de caricaturistes et j’en ai découvert un par le nom de Boligan qui est incroyable! Pour moi dessiner des personnages est difficile et quel meilleur moyen d’apprendre que je de refaire ce que les grands font? Donc voici ma version d’un des personnages de Boligan, que j’aime beaucoup -)

Dip Pen: Deleter Comic Pen
Ink: Deleter Manga Ink, black #4
Location: Rigaud, Québec, Canada


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