Quintus :: Fifth :: Cinquième

We seem to gain wisdom more readily through our failures than through our successes. We always think of failure as the antithesis of success, but it isn’t. Success often lies just the other side of failure. (Leo Buscaglia)

After four failed attempts at trying to paint a landscape that I dearly wanted to succeed with, I guess that it will have to wait for a better day. For the past two weeks, I have only painted twice a week, and oh boy! Did I feel it today! It felt as though I had never painted in my life… I could not “see” the colours of my paints, did not know with which colour to being with, I was all mixed up.  Usually my brush knows where to go, and today it was dangling in mid-air…. oh well… The past two weeks have been inundated with school duties, corrections, prepping, and thinking about the students’ successes. As they are announcing frost in Rigaud tonight, I thought that I would paint our scrumptuous tomatoes.

Après quatre tentatives infructueuses à essayer de peindre un paysage que je voulais réussir, je suppose qu’il faudra attendre de meilleurs jours. Pour les deux dernières semaines, je n’ai peint que deux fois par semaine, et sapristi! Ça paraissait vraiment aujourd’hui! C’était comme si je n’avais jamais peint de ma vie … Je ne pouvais pas «voir» les couleurs de mes peintures, je ne savais pas quelle couleur choisir, j’étais toute mêlée. Habituellement mon pinceau sait où aller, et aujourd’hui, il se baladait dans les airs …. hum … Les deux dernières semaines ont été inondées de travail à l’école, corrections, préparation, et beaucoup de réflexion pour la réussite des élèves. Comme ils annoncent du gel à Rigaud ce soir, j’ai peint nos savoureuses tomates.

Paper: Stillman & Birn Beta Series
Ink: Noodlers’ Lexington Grey
Colours: Aureolin, Winsor Red, Cobalt Blue
Location: Rigaud, Québec, Canada.20140914_tomatoes

6 thoughts on “Quintus :: Fifth :: Cinquième

  1. Don’t get discouraged Jane. The tomatoes are beautiful and you have done so many great paintings this summer. Just think of all the students who benefit from all your hard work!


    1. Hi Shari — thank you for your encouragement, and yes I was a tad discouraged. The minute that I stop, it seems as though I have to relearn everything again… however, I know that it comes back fast. And this might motivate me to stop “stopping” — LOL -)


  2. Hi Jane,
    I thought about you and Shari today because Stuart McLean of Vinyl Cafe was doing a show in Hudson which used to be an English enclave like Victoria. Turns out now, all the kids go to immersion classes and when he came across a boy sitting by the river and asked him whether he was English or French the boy said “Bilingual”. I love that!
    We painted at a bird refuge farm near Red Deer this weekend and it was glorious!
    Beautiful tomatoes!


  3. Et comme de raison les pinceaux se sont démêlés pour nous offrir un plat savamment concocté. Parfois il faut laisser les pinceaux se débrouiller seuls ou presque.


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