Of rocks & learning :: De roches & d’apprentissage

As children, we come into the world with a natural desire to both speak and draw. Society makes sure that we learn language properly, right from the beginning, but art is treated as a gift of innate genius, something we either have or don’t.
— Charles de Lint

This afternoon, after a night out with some of our dearest friends of over 35 years, I was daydreaming and started thinking of John Ruskin and his wonderful drawings of trees and rocks… and my gaze lifted and this was in front of me. So I just had to draw it. In reference to the above quote, as a teacher I have seen over and over again that “talent” does not really matter. When students work hard at something and persevere, & love what they do, they usually succeed -)

Cet après-midi, après une belle soirée avec de bons amis de longue date, j’étais dans la lune et je pensais à John Ruskin et son amour pour les arbres et les roches… et je me suis levé les yeux et ces roches étaient en-avant de moi. Je devais les dessiner! En référence à la citation ci-dessus, en tant que professeure, j’ai vu maintes et maintes fois que le «talent» n’a pas vraiment d’importance. Lorsque les élèves travaillent fort et persévèrent, et aiment ce qu’ils font, souvent ils réussissent -)

Paper: Moleskine Sketchbook
Fountain Pen: Romus Fine
Ink: DeAtramentis Fog Grey
Location: Rigaud, Québec, Canada