The wall of Rigaud :: Le mur de Rigaud

The earth is but one country and mankind its citizens.
— Baha’u’llah

Looking over the edge of Rigaud mountain, called “The Wall” by cyclists, peering out at the vista and the Laurentians, our earth is a wonder… too bad that our leaders are acting as if we had many earths at our disposal. I never use Cadmium Yellow as I find that it is too opaque for my taste… however, as I was mixing my colours today a thought emerged and I started thinking about Jeanne Dobie’s principle of Octanic colours, where two colours that are mixed together will form very vivid colours if their undertones complement each other. So mixing Cadmium Yellow, which has a green undertone (therefore has some blue?) with Prussian Blue which also has a green undertone (which means that it has some yellow?) is ok.

En regardant au-dessus du “Mur” de Rigaud, communément appelé comme ça par les cyclistes, et de sa vue saisissante des Laurentides, c’est à se demander comment se peut-il que nos dirigeants agissent comme si on avait plusieurs planètes à notre disposition? Pendant que je peignais, je e suis rappelée Jeanne Dobie’s théorie sur les couleurs “octaniques” où les nuances d’une valeur devraient être en complément avec l’autre. Donc en utilisant du Jaune Cadmium, qui a une nuance froide verte, avec du Bleu de Prusse, qui a aussi une nuance verte, la combinaison ne tourne pas boueuse, qui est bien -)))

Paper: Handbook Travelogue Series, grand portrait size
Colours: Cadmium Yellow, Alizarin Crimson and Prussian Blue
Fountain Pen: Pilot Prera F
Ink: Noodlers’ Lexington Grey


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