Memoirs of Hadrian :: Mémoires d’Hadrian

As I came home today I had a little box that had just arrived by mail filled with DeAtramentis inks which I tried out in the following portrait. This ink is not waterproof and I took an old brush that I had, put water on it, and scrubbed the lines… and the lines started flowing into the face for a softer effect. This ink is quite special — flows freely, glides as if it was butter and is just very pleasant to draw with.

An intense sadness washed over me today as my thoughts suddenly gravitated to one of my old friends that committed suicide when I was studying at the University of Ottawa in 1979! This past weekend while I was cleaning, rummaging, throwing out tons of papers and filing some, I found this poem that he had given me a few weeks before leaving us for good. So here is a portrait of Hadrian and his poem…

Un printemps plein de fraîcheur
m’a remis la joie au coeur
j’ai trahi ma solitude
je n’en avais pas l’habitude
s’impliquer profondément
peut devenir exaspérant
une compagne qu’elle quelle soit
serait accueillie avec joie
une amie de coeur bafouée
par un ami qu’on n’peut blâmer
et à tout ça faut rajouter
que mon coeur ne sait plus où donner
t’as beau tout faire pour consoler
il est dur de dissimuler
que tu voudrais bien remplacer
l’ami à jamais effacé
tout celà dit voyons un peu
en quoi consiste la vie à deux
si seulement c’était pas sérieux
on pourrait se parler dans les yeux
s’embrasser avec ou sans feu
considérant que c’est un jeu
duquel chacun sort victorieux
sans éraflure et très heureux.
Qu’est-ce que l’avenir nous réserve
de le dire, l’avenir se réserve.

Paper: Moleskine Sketchbook
Fountain Pen: Sailor Fountain Pen F
Ink: DeAtramentis Fog Grey



About Jane Hannah

Canadian graphic artist, painter, sketcher, typographer, calligrapher and teacher at Cégep John Abbott College in Québec, Canada. Jane Hannah also has a website for her students at and a main blog at She is also part of the Montreal Urban Sketchers.
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